GAF 3-Tab Roofing Shingles - A Comprehensive Review
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GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Roofing Shingles Review


Brennan Enterprises has offered roofing expertise and remodeling services to Dallas-Fort Worth for 40 years. In that time, we’ve built relationships with some of the leading home remodeling manufacturers in the United States. Today, we’re highlighting a leader in the roofing industry - GAF.

GAF has offered high-quality roofing products since 1888 and has produced over 50 different brands for residential and commercial customers. Their 3-tab shingles are their answer to no-nonsense roofing, providing excellent performance, vivid design, and are a great investment in the value of your home.

The Royal Sovereign asphalt shingle line is GAF’s 3-tab offering. We’re running down some of the key features of this line that makes it stand out as some of the most trusted, and economical roof shingles available in the United States.     

Why GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingles

Wind Resistance



Why 3-Tab Shingles? 

GAF Royal Sovereign asphalt shingles atop a light colored brick home.

Before we dive into what sets GAF apart as a roofing behemoth in the US, let's clarify what 3-tab shingles are.

3-tab shingles are readily identifiable by their simple, single tab shape. They’re the most common roof shingle style and often the most economical option for roofing shingles. The simplicity of the tab cut results in a clean look for your roof.

This shingle option is constructed of less material, and so it offers a lighter roofing option. But though they’re the most straightforward shingle style, GAF’s Royal Sovereign asphalt shingles are anything but “basic”.

Advanced Protection - GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingles

GAF stands out as a roofing manufacturer for its dedication to longevity with their products. Royal Sovereign asphalt shingles are backed with Advanced Protection®, which means you’re getting the very best combination of weight, performance, and weatherizing that modern manufacturing technology can deliver. Shingles with Advanced Protection® technology are subjected to 4,375 quality checks - you can be sure that they’ve done the research and development to offer the highest quality products.

Roofs age, but yours doesn’t have to show unsightly signs of aging associated with asphalt shingles. StainGuard® Protection helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae.

Wind Resistance - GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingles

GAF asphalt shingles in charcoal atop a large brick home.

If you live in Texas, you know how intense the weather can become in the Lone Star State. Thunderstorms, especially in Spring and Summer can bring hail, heavy rain, and of course - high winds.

GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab shingles are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Remember those quality checks we mentioned? Well, there are two in particular that help speaks to the resiliency of these asphalt shingles.

ASTM International develops international standards to improve the function and safety of a wide range of products, including those in the building materials industry.

GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab shingles offer truly superior wind resistance, earning both ASTM D7158 Class H and ASTM D3161 Class F ratings. The highest in their classes.

The ASTM D7158 is the standard test method for wind resistance of asphalt shingles against uplift forces and designated by class G (up to 90 mph), D (up to 120 mph), or H (up to 150 mph).

The ASTM D3161 tests interlocking shingles’ ability to resist wind. Shingles are classified as Class A when resisting wind velocity of 60 mph, Class D when resisting velocity of 90 mph and Class F, up to110 mph.

Colors - GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingles 

GAF asphalt shingles on a large single family home.

3-Tab shingles are renowned for their simplicity, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

GAF has gone to great lengths to make the Royal Sovereign line a stand out amongst their strip shingle competitors. How do they do this? Aside from their performance technology, they’ve developed Color Lock™ Ceramic Firing (granules) which helps maintain a vibrant and bold color profile for their shingles.

The Royal Sovereign line is available in 7 colors, featuring brown, black and slate shades

Color options for GAF 3-tab shingles.

Warranty - GAF Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Shingles

GAF Royal Sovereign asphalt shingles are covered under a 10 year warranty.

Shingles begin to age as soon as they are exposed to nature. Buildings experience aging factors differently, it is difficult to predict the lifespan of a shingle. GAF’s confidence in their Royal Sovereign series is backed by their GAF Smart Choice® Shingle International Limited Warranty which extends to a period of 10 years

May 31, 2019
July 13, 2021


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