How to Customize Front Doors

How to Customize Front Doors

If you’re building your dream home, every element of your design has to be absolutely perfect, including your front doors. The entryway into your home is the first thing anyone will see when coming into your home. Customize your front doors to reflect your style and give your home a unique, sophisticated look.

How to Customize Front Doors

To customize your front doors, you’ll have to start by making a few choices. There are several different options to choose from when it comes to front doors, from materials to configurations. Here’s an explanation about each of these customizable options.

Door Slab Material

Different door slab materials reflect different styles. You can choose solid wood for a more rustic feel or go with steel doors for a modern, elegant approach. You can choose from fiberglass doors or wood doors. Based on your tastes and your budget, you can find the perfect door slab material to complete your dream home project.

Door Slab Textures

Some door slab materials have more texture than others. Some are very smooth, like steel doors, and others are textured, like wood fiber doors. Even vinyl door slabs can be textured depending on the type. Textured surfaces can give the home a rustic or even modern farmhouse style. Smooth textures exude a more elegant, contemporary look instead.

Door Sizes

A standard door is 80” by 36”, but there are custom size options available, as well. Of course, if the door frame is already there, you’ll have to work within the size you have. If you are building a new home, you can opt for taller or wider-than-average doors to really make a statement.

Door Configurations

You can choose from a traditional single door or elegant double doors. Each option can be customized with or without glass. Glass options can be stained glass, clear glass, or frosted glass inserts. You can choose frosted or stained glass if you need some more privacy in your entryway. Sidelites (clear glass side inserts) are a great way to let extra light pour in and brighten up your home. You can add even more light and some character to your door by adding a transom insert, as well. This is a glass panel that slides in above the door.

Door Panel Styles

Door panel styles are also customizable. You can choose from arched panels, glass panels, or any other material. Then you can choose the design on the door panel itself. Common door panel styles are the two-panel doors and the six-panel doors.

Door Colors and Stains

Doors come in a wide range of colors, from black to brown to white. You can also get wood-textured doors stained in nearly any shade you can think of. Ideally, the front doors, window frames, and garage should all match. For example, if you’ve chosen cherry wood window frames, your front doors and garage door should be stained to match.

Door Glass

Choosing glass panel inserts can add a lot of style to your front door, but glass removes some element of privacy. If you have a private entryway with another door to enter the home after it, you can consider clear glass inserts. If you love the look of glass but would like some privacy from the outside world, you can always go for stained glass panel inserts or frosted glass panel inserts.

Door Hardware

Choosing the hardware for your front door will depend on the look and style of the exterior of your home, as well as the door. If all the metal accents on your home are brushed chrome, you will want the same for your front doors. You can choose from bronze, gold, or black and choose a finish that is either matte, glossy, or antique. The hardware of your front doors must complement the design choices you’ve made for the outside part of your home.

Door Accessories

To choose the best custom front doors, you have to choose elements you like and choose options that match well with the rest of your home. It may seem overwhelming but all you really need to do it choose the material and texture you want in the color you want. Be sure to take pictures of the items you are choosing for your home so you can match them all before you make your final selections.

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