How to Determine Window Brand

How to Determine Window Brand

If your windows need repair or replacement, knowing the window manufacturer can make the process a lot easier. Some brands and models may have a warranty that can help with the repair or replacement. If yours doesn't, knowing the manufacturer will at least set you in the right direction when it comes to looking for replacement or compatible. 

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How to Determine Window Brand

Below are a few ways to determine the manufacturer of your windows. We'll start with the options most likely to produce reliable results and then move on to things you can try when you're running out of ideas.

Look for Manufacturer and Certification Stickers

One of the easiest ways to identify a window manufacturer is to carefully check over your window to see if you can find manufacturer or certification stickers, labels, and stamps.

Be sure to complete this process with good light, and carefully check the entire surface of the window, including the windowsill, frame, casing, and jambs. Note that you might need to turn your head sideways or duck down to find stickers in out-of-the-way places.

Even if all you can find is a brand logo, you can use this information to contact the manufacturer for help narrowing down your specific model. The manufacturer may be able to track down your specific windows by using letters and numbers that are printed on the stickers. 

Inspect the Glass and Hardware for Brand Labels

If you can't find any identifying stickers on the window, turn to the glass and hardware. These labels and etchings may be even smaller, so be sure you've got good lighting and perhaps even a magnifying glass. Essentially, you want to locate any kind of marking you can. Even a string of letters and numbers can be decoded to determine what brand of windows you have.

Should you find some codes, you can conduct an internet search to figure out which manufacturers those numbers correspond with. If you're having difficulty tracking down good info, you can turn to a window company in your area for help. 

In your search, you may find stickers with the AAMA or NAMI logos. These are certification stickers that show that the windows are compliant with those organizations' standards. While you may find the name of your window manufacturer on these labels, you might also just see a series number, model number, or long string of code.

How to Read a NAMI Sticker

If you find a NAMI or AAMA sticker, write down any codes you can find. You can check these against NAMI's insulated window manufacturer directory or use AAMA's manufacturer code lookup to find information about your window's brand, model, and age. 

Examples of Window Identification Labels and Locations

Contact Local Window Companies

Should your windows be completely free of stickers and other identifying marks, the next step in how to determine window brand is to contact window companies in your area to see if they have any records pertaining to the installation or repair of the windows in your home.

Note that some window companies may be hesitant to give out information for privacy reasons, but if you come armed with your home address and the names of previous owners, and make it clear you only want window manufacturer information, you may have some luck. 

Talk to Your Neighbors or HOA

If you live in a neighborhood where several homes were built by the same builder, it's likely the windows were purchased in bulk and installed in multiple homes. Ask your neighbors if they know who manufactured their windows. You might find a neighbor who's kept meticulous records or a neighbor whose windows still bear manufacturer stickers and labels.

Likewise, if you live in an area with an HOA, don't hesitate to ask whether it has any records about the construction of homes in your area.

Check Your Home Purchase Paperwork

If all other attempts have failed and you're still trying to figure out how to find your windows' manufacturer, try pulling out all the paperwork associated with your home purchase. There's a chance you may find window warranty information or receipts from the original installation process or a later repair.


When you need to make a repair or are considering replacement, knowing your window brand can make things easier. We've provided several ways for how to find a window's manufacturer, including looking for brand stickers, decoding certification labels, and asking neighbors who may have similar builds. Although, windows aren’t obviously labeled the attempt to identify the window is worth a shot; you may at least learn who hasn’t made your windows.


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