How to File a Replacement Window Warranty Claim
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How to File a Replacement Window Warranty Claim

Every window manufacturer we work with includes a product warranty. If you're are dealing with problems with your window it is worth the time to learn about warranties.
To learn more about the different types of warranties read our blog: Do Residential Windows Have Warranties?
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Filing a Window Warranty Claim for Brennan Enterprises Clients

Working with Brennan Enterprises means you're working with a team of professionals. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible before and after installation. That means whenever possible, we will help you, our client, navigate your window warranty claim. If you are a Brennan client, read the note below to learn what we will need to begin your claim.
If you are not one of our clients but need to file a window warranty claim, skip ahead to the next section.

3 Things We Need to Begin Your Warranty Claim with Brennan

1. A picture of the window (zoomed out to show the entire product).
2. A picture of the issue (zoomed in to show the issue as best as possible).
3. Any additional information you feel we would need to process this request.

Filing a Residential Window Warranty Claim in General

Most windows will not last forever. The time will come when you need to repair or replace your windows. Before you begin that journey you should check the existing window's warranty.
There are a few things you'll want to know to find the window warranty if it isn't already in your possession.

Things You Need to Know to File a Window Warranty With the Manufacturer

1. Who installed or sold the homeowner the windows?
2. Who is the window manufacturer or brand?
3. Contact the window manufacturer's warranty department and follow through with their directions.
Whether you are navigating the warranty process yourself or with a team like ours the filing process will take time.

Why Are Window Warranties Denied?

Window warranty claims can be denied for various reasons. One of the most common reasons warranty claims are denied is because they have timed out. Most warranties aren't Full Lifetime warranties meaning they have a limitation on time and coverage.
Another common reason a warranty isn't upheld is because the fault of the problem lies with the installation and not the quality of the product. If this is the window manufacturer's response you'll need to contact the installation company and that can turn into a lot of back and forth. Sometimes the problem may be caused by another problem in the home like a bad roof or cracks in the foundation.

What to Expect When Window Warranty Claims Are Approved

When your claim is approved you will want to verify that all the costs are covered. It is common for the window manufacturer to cover the cost of replacement parts covered by the warranty. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping and installation is often not included.
Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez
February 27, 2022
July 10, 2022


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