Do Residential Windows Have Warranties?

Do Residential Windows Have Warranties?

Window replacements and repairs can be quite costly. Have you been in a situation whereby your windows were recently installed but their appearance and functionality is damaged? Well, you're not alone in this. Often, clients approach our company to discuss concerns about their existing windows. The cost of windows has them asking, "Do residential windows have warranties?"

As you do your research online about window warranties for homes you will find many confusing answers to this question. But do not worry. Today we have put together all you need to know about window warranties for your home. We'll start with the main question of the day.

Do Residential Windows Have Warranties?

Yes, home windows have warranties. Residential window warranties allow you to repair and replace windows at little or no cost to you. However, it is important for you to understand the types of warranties for windows available to take advantage of them. This point brings us to this next question.

Are All Window Warranties the Same?

No, there are different types of warranties for windows. Different window manufacturers offer varied window warranties as follows:

1. Limited Warranties

Residential limited windows warranties are the most common. You'll find that most manufacturers offer limited warranties. This warranty covers your windows of defects that could affect the aesthetics and the functionality of window under normal conditions.  One characteristic of most companies that offer limited warranties is that they only cover for parts which means you will likely need to cover the labor costs yourself.

2. Lifetime Warranties

The word "lifetime" in the context of window warranties refers to the expected lifespan of a window. In this case, the lifespan of a window depends on the manufacturer and material used in the manufacturing of a the window. An example is that a low quality material window could get you a lifetime warranty of three to five years while top quality window brands offer you a lifetime warranty of up to ten or more years. Most window warranty issues become evident within the first couple of years. 

3. Prorated Warranties

A prorated window warranty covers your repairs and replacements but the cost covered depends on the degree of damage on your windows. What happens is that initially the manufacturer covers materials, labor, or transportation fully. Afterward, if a defect on aesthetic and functionality occurs, then you also share the burden of the costs of repairs and replacements with your windows manufacturer.

4. Non-prorated Warranties

This warranty is quite straightforward. In case your windows have defects at the beginning or towards the end of a non-prorated warranty, the manufacturer fully covers your windows repairs and replacements.

Now you know the many residential window warranties that exist, however, getting a warranty isn't a guarantee. Factors such as not registering the warranty, wrongly done installations, or adding window films that end up destroying the glass can make your residential window warranty void. If you're purchasing new windows with the intention of selling your home, make sure to look for a window with an owner-to-owner transferrable warranty. 

In case you warranty is void, there is still something you can do. Let's tackle that in this next bit.

What if My Windows Aren’t Covered by a Warranty?

It is heartbreaking to realize that your window warranty will not cover for the defects your window has. However, it doesn't make it the end for you to make your home beautiful. Here are some things you can do if your windows aren't covered by your warranty before doing your next replacement.

1. Know How Window Warranties Work

To avoid another window warranty issue in future, it is now important that you to understand the key elements of a window warranty. Knowing how to tackle issues like the exclusions of window warranties, the transferability, and damages can help you take advantage of your warranty next time your windows have defects while working at normal conditions.

2. Learn the Complexities of Window Replacements

Even if you are replacing a couple of windows on your own and buying from your local home improvement store you'll want to know about windows; there are many variables to consider. You especially need to do your research if you are ordering custom windows instead of picking some off a shelf. Windows are a big investment, as you compare windows you'll want to always keep window performance ratings in mind. When you're shopping for windows you'll notice there are different options for operation style, glass, size, installation methods, warranties, etc. It can become overwhelming quickly, base your choice on energy performance, cost, looks, warranty, and the reputation of the company selling you the windows. 

You can learn more in this post on Window Replacement FAQs

One last thing, remember to register your warranty as soon as possible and keep a record of your warranty somewhere safe. Not all window companies are the same, the smallest companies don't usually keep track of your warranty or product information and unfortunately other companies sometimes just aren't interested in helping with warranty information because they see little value in that for themselves. You'll want to make sure you have your warranty and product information if a problem does come up. And don't worry if you're a Brennan customer, we are happy to help you navigate your window warranty claims

There is a lot to learn about residential window warranties. Above you'll find out that home windows can have warranties, the different types of window warranties from limited warranties, lifetime, prorated, to non-prorated warranties. Moreover, about what to do when your windows cannot be covered by a warranty. All you need to do is get down to work and get the right replacements with the perfect future residential windows warranty deal.


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