Do I Need New Glass or New Windows?

Do I Need New Glass or New Windows?

Once windows begin to crack or fog up, most homeowners' are torn between replacing the glass or the full window. Your choice will depend on whether you want a short-term or permanent solution. Replacing the entire window will cost 50% more than replacing the glass. However, there are some situations where replacing the glass isn't an ideal solution. Read on to learn more. 

What Are Replacement Windows? 

A complete window replacement involves replacing the whole window, including sashes, glass, and the frame. The remodeling contractors will measure the size of your old window. They will then remove the broken or worn-out window, place back a new frame and glass then fit them into position. One great thing about whole window replacement is that you have a chance to fit both energy-efficient glass and frame. Keep in mind that poor framing materials lead to heat loss and cold transfer. So, by replacing the glass only, this problem could resurface. You will thus incur high heating and cooling bills. 

Another great benefit of replacing the entire window is that you can switch to high-quality materials. For the window frame, you can consider vinyl. This material provides room for strong insulating qualities and also blends in well with a wide range of interiors. On the other hand, you can use fiberglass to replace old wood frames. This is a considerably stronger material that can maintain its structural integrity throughout harsh summer and winter weather. 

Also, rather than only taking out the old glass and replacing it with a new one, you have a chance to try out a new window design to transform your home. If you have regular windows at the moment, you can now pick a more bold and stylish design giving you an entirely new style. However, the main drawback of replacing the entire window is that you will incur a higher cost. The project will also take quite some time, meaning you are likely to face some disruptions. 

What Is Glass Replacement? 

Window glass replacement involves taking the broken or fogged glass off the frame and fitting back a new one. Glass replacement is only an ideal option if the frame is still new and in good condition. The main advantage of this solution is that it's relatively cost-effective. You will also have a chance to maintain the same window design and the installation time is relatively short. Although there are various window options today, you should always replace the broken panes with a similar type of glass. 

Replacing the glass also helps to improve the efficiency of your window to some extent. You can have it replaced with an insulated glass unit and sealed in place with weather-stripping or caulk to prevent heat gain or loss. But before you do anything on the broken window, it's a good idea that you contact the manufacturer to see if the window is still under warranty. By replacing the glass without consultation, you can void the warranty. Also, it's good that you consult a glass repair specialist to help you choose the right window glass type; annealed, tempered, laminated. 

Do I Need New Glass or New Windows?

Replace the entire window if the wood around the glass begins to rot. Broken seals are an irreversible problem that requires you to replace the whole window. When fog forms in the pane, the seal between the panes raptures, causing non-reversible damage that needs an entire window replacement. If the sashes grow old, the cost of replacing them could be similar to that of whole window replacement. 

Also, if you have old windows that you struggle to open and close, it signifies damaged sashes and frames. The best solution is to replace the entire window. Keep in mind that windows in old houses may contain lead-based paint↗. When mishandled, these particles can disperse into the air, causing health issues. 

On the other hand, if only the glass has damages, you may want to consider a glass replacement rather than the whole window. This is also an ideal solution if you wish to maintain the original architectural elements of your house. 

Bottom line

Replacing a glass or the whole window will make your living space brighter and helps save on energy. If you consider the glass replacement, you can improve the insulation and maintain your window's style. On the other hand, replacing the entire window will give your space a new look of high efficiency at an extra cost. If you are still unsure of the best option, you can reach out to your local window company for a consultation. Homeowners in need of window replacement in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas can contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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