Should I Get Black Replacement Windows?

Should I Get Black Replacement Windows?

As someone looking to purchase replacement windows, you’ve likely thought about what exterior color you should choose. You may have asked yourself, should I stick with the original neutral color or opt for an on-trend and in demand dark exterior color.

Should I get black replacement windows? 

The truth is, today’s painting and coating technologies give you the freedom to choose any color and have confidence your choice won’t impact the performance of your windows over time. Black windows are the fastest growing color we offer. However, because the windows require an additional finishing process, it costs more upfront than traditional tan or white windows. 

What are some common arguments against black windows?

For those who are on the fence, I know there are potential concerns to address before installing your new black windows. Below, I've listed some of the most common arguments against such a popular design choice. 

"It costs too much"

Yes, black windows do cost a bit more than tan or white windows. The average color upgrade can cost up to 20% of the entire window. This price could cause your window price to increase $100 - $200 per window, depending on style, shape, and material. 

But, you'll replace your windows once, so it might be worth it to get what you actually want. You're not going to be happy coming home every day to see 20-30 windows you settled for. 

"The warranty is worse"

Have you ever bought a car because of the warranty? How about your house? Are you sitting in 3,000 sf of luxury because of that awesome 1-year home warranty you paid $600 for at closing? Unlikely. 

The warranty for black windows isn't worse than any other color because window warranties offer coverage for operable parts, glass, and labor. The finish itself doesn't factor into those coverage areas. 

"It's too hot in Texas"

Hmmm - it is hot in Texas, but that's why you're looking into new windows. Regardless of color, new replacement windows will help lower energy bills and make your home more comfortable. The energy-efficiency of today's glass and thermal insulating properties from the frame design are going to do their job. The color is one thing you have control over, so exert that power and choose the color you want. 

"Black windows are too trendy"

Henry Ford has been famously credited with the line, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as its black." I'll go on record saying black replacement windows have become a staple of home improvement, remodeling, and new construction.



If you are debating the merits of black windows, call me and let's talk. I've had clients who have always had neutral windows and were thrilled after making the decision to install black windows and absolutely rave about their curb appeal. 

After all, the whole purpose of owning a home is to make it your own. Black windows are one way to stand out from the crowd. 

Have questions about black windows? We'd love to hear from you. 


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