Most Common Questions About Window Replacement Projects
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Window Replacement FAQ: Most Common Questions About Window Replacement Projects

Have you been sitting beside the windows in your home only to find that you feel chilled no matter the heating in your home? If you've experienced that you may have wondered what you can do to resolve the issue. One solution is window replacement. Window replacement would help improve the comfort of your room and improve energy performance ultimately reducing extra energy spend caused by inefficient windows. If you haven't had to replace the windows in your home before or haven't done it in a while, we are here to help. Here are all of the answers to your questions in one place so that you can get started with the upgrade.

15 Most common questions about window replacement projects

1. What is the average cost to replace windows?

Typically, window replacement costs anywhere from $200 to $2,000 per window. The price depends on the window frame, the kind of glass it has, the style of the space and the overall labor cost for the replacement. According to Hanley Wood's Cost vs.Value report (2020), the national average cost of a vinyl window replacement job with 10 windows is $17,641.

2. What is the best company for window replacement?

Many companies and brands offer replacement windows, some of which might even be able to put them in for you or connect you with another local company that could. Selecting a company should be partially based on the material you want to use for your window frames since various companies often have specialties in the kinds of windows and frames they create. For example, Andersen Windows produces some of the best wood-clad windows on the market in several series and options. If you want more suggestions, read our in-depth article on the best companies and brands for window replacement.

3. Should I replace all the house windows at once?

Often, the more windows you install at once, the cheaper the entire project will end up being. If you replace your windows all at once, they will also age at approximately the same rate, and you will be able to save money the next time you need to replace your windows as well. Many companies offer financing options whether you'd like to do all the windows at once or break the project up into phases. If you do your window replacement in phases, it's best to do it by sections of the house (front, back, sides).

4. Can I replace windows myself?

You can absolutely install and replace your own windows but we don't recommend it for large projects unless you have previous construction experience. If you do decide to tackle your window replacement project on your own you'll want to be prepared with the right tools and tackle your project one window at a time.

5. How to save money on replacement windows?

Here are a few tips on how to save money on replacement windows.

  1. The best way to save money on replacement windows is to shop around and get bids from trusted companies. If you're comparing the same exact window from different companies but happen to like one company more than another, ask if they'll do a price match, not all companies do this but it won't hurt to ask.
  2. Learn about NFRC values so you aren't oversold on energy efficient glass packages.
  3. Understand that window size, shape, color, hardware, and operation style all affect the price of a window. The simpler the window is, the less it will cost. Although uncommon shapes can be interesting and have a certain allure, they will also quickly drive up the price of your window job.
  4. Window companies do offer deals, sign up for emails to be notified when sales are happening.

6. How to measure your replacement windows?

To measure the window opening for your replacement windows, measure between the jambs at the top, center, and bottom of the window. Use the smallest of these measurements to get the width of your replacement window.

To measure the height of your window, measure the high point of the sill on the inside of the window opening. Do the same as with the width, measuring from three spots and using the smallest of these to get your window measurement.

7. What are Low-E windows?

Low-E glass coatings minimize the amount of ultraviolet light that can pass through glass. They stop extra heat or light energy from passing through without restricting the visible light that enters the home through the window. This coating helps to make the window more energy-efficient.

8. What is the NFRC, and does it matter? 

NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council. It is a non-profit organization that helps to establish energy performance ratings. The purpose of these is to help customers of window companies compare the products and make the best decision for the overall energy efficiency of their homes. They give ratings to products such as doors, skylights and windows.

Learn More: NFRC Window Ratings

9. What are AAMA windows?

AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. An AAMA Window Certification requires three tests on the window to ensure its structural integrity. These tests include water leakage, air leakage and structural strength. When windows have been certified, they will get a label on the inside of the frame. Not all window manufacturers offer AAMA certified windows and some offer just energy performance ratings like U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Learn More: What is AAMA Certification for Windows?

10. Where to buy replacement windows?

Depending on your local area, there are likely many different companies you can get replacement windows from. One of the best ways to find a replacement window retailer or dealer is to find a brand you trust and use their dealer locator tool. Brands like Andersen will show you where you can purchase their windows in your area.

11. Is window replacement worth it?

When it comes to increasing your home's energy efficiency, you will likely end up saving money in heating and energy bills when you replace your home's windows. Window replacement is worth the investment if you plan on staying in your home for several years, you have windows that are difficult to open or close, or are experiencing temperature variations in the house due to inefficient windows. New windows will be easy to operate, offer better energy performance, and will help regulate the temperature in your house.

12. How should I choose a replacement window company?

Finding a window replacement company you can trust is important since you will be working with them for a while and want your windows and installation to be high- quality. Start by asking the company how long they have been in business and finding reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Once you have established their credibility, decide if they sell windows in line with what you want.

13. Do I need to replace my windows, or can I repair them?

Deciding between repairing or replacing your windows really depends on what problem you are trying to solve. Did the glass break? Then have someone repair the glass. Is there fog between the glass panes? Replace the window. Does the frame or sash look like it's warped? Replace the window. Consider the extent of the problem before deciding to repair or replace, contact a specialist if you need assistance.

14. When is the best time to replace my windows?

Spring and Fall may be the best times of year to replace your windows since these seasons are often more temperate, with less tempestuous weather putting a strain on your home's HVAC system. If you live in Texas like us, window replacement can happen all year round but we're sometimes set back by rain.

15. Do replacement windows really pay for themselves?

They do but they don't payback all at once or quickly. Ever-increasing energy bills are sneaky. You often don't notice the steady increase you pay each month on leaky windows that let in the cold air of winter or the impending heat and humidity of summer. It may take several years to recover the cost from energy savings alone.

Pros and cons of window replacement

  • Window replacement pays for itself in the long run.
  • You can do it yourself to cut down on overall cost but still reap all the benefits.
  • The right window replacement company can make the job seamless.
  • Choosing a window replacement company can be complicated and risky.
  • Replacing your windows incorporates a somewhat hefty upfront cost.
  • It can be a messy and time-consuming job whether or not you get a contractor to do it.

Replacing your windows might seem overwhelming right away, but you aren't likely to regret the decision so long as you use a reliable and efficient window replacement company.

Located in North Texas? Reach out to our team at Brennan Enterprises to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss the window replacement process and help you select your new windows.

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