Is It Time To Replace Your Windows
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Is It Time To Replace Your Windows

Even if you've installed the best quality windows in your house, they won't last forever. Although you may have followed a good maintenance schedule, natural wear and tear will still happen, the glass will become inefficient, and there will be new trends in the market. In most cases, windows will last about 20 years or more depending on several factors such as maintenance and weather. These days homeowners choose to replace the builder grade windows in their homes much sooner.

Therefore, if your windows are nearing or past two decades, you should be on the lookout for any signs that it's time for a replacement. The following are strong indicators that you need to replace your old windows.

There Are Cracks in the Window Frame

Cracks can appear on a window frame regardless of your house's age. In case of poor windows installation, there is a high chance of cracks developing sooner than you expect. Also, the natural setting of your house after some time can lead to cracking of the plaster. In either of these cases, there will be cracks around the window frame, and if unchecked, it can lead to drafts and moisture penetration. The cracks worsen as more moisture penetrates, which creates general discomfort and creates mold.

The Window Frame Is Warped

You may notice that your window has become bent or twisted out of shape. This problem is mainly caused by dampness or heat buildup, which makes the frame shrink or expands. A warped window often creates small gaps that can dramatically affect the energy efficiency↗ of your home. The best solution for warped windows, whether mild or severe, is to perform a full replacement. A full replacement will eliminate the problem and improve your home's curb appeal. 

The Window Is Difficult to Open or Closes Dangerously Fast

If you have challenges trying to open or close your window, it's a strong indicator that you need a replacement. This is a crucial sign because a window can be a vital escape route in an emergency. There are many reasons why a window can close or open dangerously. A warped frame or a rusty window is also a common cause of this problem. Another reason could be poor installation procedures, which results in balance issues making it difficult to open and close the window. Also, in case your home's foundation has shifted, the window frame may not fit in the space properly.

There is Extensive Rot in the Window Frame

Extensive rot in the window frame is common in older houses. You can tell your window frame is rotten by having a feel of the timber. Also, if you notice any softwood, swelling paint, or crumbling, there is a high chance of rot in the window frame. Windows that have gaps or don't close properly could also be a potential sign of rot. You can use a chisel to test the suspect areas in the frame. If the window frame isn't solid, it's a clear sign of rot. Take your time to check these areas, especially after severe weather, because rot loves damp conditions.

There Is a Noticeable Draft 

Drafts are one of the most common signs that it's time for a window replacement. After some time, your window becomes drafty, allowing the air from the interior of your home to escape. When you stand close to the window, you might feel the air from outside. Alternatively, you may notice a sudden increase in your energy bills.

The Space Between the Glass Is Often Foggy

When you notice some fog buildup in the space between the glass when there is low or no humidity, there are high chances of a broken seal or the window isn't insulating correctly. Note that the outdoor air shouldn't penetrate through your glass seal. The excess moisture may be pooling in the frame and dropping down the wall leaving spongy or dark patches below the window frame or along the window sill. This is a sure sign that you need a replacement. 

The Color, Profile, or Grid Style of the Window Hurt Your Curb Appeal

Everyone wants to stay in a beautiful and appealing home. However, if your windows are rotting, peeling, mismatched, or broken, your home won't be attractive. Luckily, you can instantly improve the curb appeal of your home by replacing the old windows. There are several styles, sizes, and shapes that you can choose from to help improve your home's appearance, which also increases its value↗.

Get Quality Window Replacements Today

In case you've noticed any of the above signs in your windows or frames, it's time to make a replacement. By replacing your old windows, you also improve your curb appeal, increase the amount of light getting into your home, and reduce your heating bills.

September 30, 2021


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