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List of Builder Grade Window Brands

Windows are an essential part of all buildings. They let in natural sunlight and provide valuable ventilation when needed. If you need windows for a new build, there is a wide range of options available, and builder-grade windows are among them. These are inexpensive windows that help builders save money. They are made with low-cost materials and are typically known to last around 10 years before needing repairs or another replacement. 

Not looking for builder grade windows? Let's say first that builder quality doesn’t always mean bad quality. Also, some brands that offer builder-grade windows also offer higher quality products, so don't knock a brand just because it has a reputation for carrying builder-grade products. 

What else do you need to know about builder-grade windows? Here are the basics so you can make an informed decision on your new construction.

What are builder-grade windows?

Builder grade windows are also known as "contractor windows". They are meant to be installed in new constructions and come with nailing or flanges on their exterior. They are known for their no-frills makeup and low cost. When first installed, they look great and have clear glass and an overall clean design. They are made of basic, standard-grade materials and usually just meet minimal energy-efficiency standards. However, compared to replacement windows, they:

  • Have lower performance ratings
  • Don't reduce noise as efficiently
  • Typically have less curb appeal
  • Are more likely to get damaged or jammed

List of Builder Grade Window Brands

Even though builder-grade windows have a reputation for being short-term solutions, it doesn't mean they don't have a place in modern construction. If you need an affordable window, this option can help you when you need to complete a project on a tight budget. To ensure good results, it helps if you pick the right brand and do some research. Don't be deceived by brands that sell a high volume of products either. More sales don't mean it offers the best product but it may just mean that they have the cheapest price. So, who makes the better builder-grade windows? Take a look at a few options from the brands listed below.

  • Alside: This Ohio-based manufacturer makes sturdy vinyl new construction windows. Options range from basic to energy-efficient and eco-friendly models.  
  • MI Windows & Doors: Founded in 1947, MI proudly makes all its windows in the USA in plants located across the country. Its new construction windows are made of durable materials like vinyl and promise quality results.
  • Simonton: Based in North Carolina, this window brand is proud of its commitment to high standards. It sells builder and replacement windows that come with some of the best warranties in the industry. Simonton has recently been acquired by Ply-Gem, another reputable window company.
  • Pella: This Indiana-based brand is a big name in windows and doors, offering all sorts of styles and colors to match the builder's vision. Pella offers a wide range of window options for builders that include different glass, window sizes, and sound-reducing products. 
  • PGT: America's #1 brand for impact-resistant windows, PGT, has won awards for being a top builder brand for all types of windows. Check out their collection of aluminum and vinyl windows today!
  • Ply Gem: This brand is one of the most well-known in the window and door industry, but not for being the cheapest! Explore their selection of new construction windows that are available in vinyl, wood composite, aluminum, and other material blends!

Why Are Builder Grade Windows Popular?

Builder-grade windows are popular because they are on the cheapest end of the price range and they are good enough to pass an energy inspection. In Texas, the energy code matters↗. Builders must meet the minimum requirements for new construction to ensure energy efficiency, comfort, and durability. This ensures that the structure is the most affordable to purchase and operate. Need to find your local energy code? Use this resource↗.

Discover More Builder-Grade Windows

When you pick the right brand after some research, you can get a quality product that meets your needs. Builder-grade windows can be a great option for any contractor or homeowner who needs to cut costs but still get a functional window that meets local building codes. 


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