Milgard Trinsic Series - Replacement Windows Review

Milgard Trinsic Series Windows Review

Milgard is a giant in the window and door industry, and for good reason. Their commitment to value, beauty, and innovation mean they produce some of the best products for home remodeling. And they’ve done it again with their new Trinsic Series vinyl windows.

How do we know? Brennan Enterprises has been proud to serve as one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier exterior remodeling companies for 40 years. We’ve learned what makes a good, quality window.

Brennan’s mission is to help North Texans create the homes of their dreams. Our formula is simple: top-of-the-line products paired with our master craftsmanship.

So today, we’re shining a spotlight on Milgard’s newest product offering. We’ll walk you through what makes the Trinsic Series an exceptional choice for durable, energy efficient, modern vinyl windows.

Why Milgard Trinsic Vinyl Windows






Why Milgard Trinsic Vinyl Windows? 

Vinyl is a staple material in a wide range of industries, including home remodeling. Vinyl, or PVC, is a plastic. Developed in the early 19th century, it gained popularity across industries because it’s low-cost produce, is resistant to moisture, and is easy to mold and color.

More than that, it’s also a  recyclable material, since it’s made mostly from salt - a renewable substance.

Because of the inherent strength of this particular kind of plastic and the ease of repurposing it, vinyl can have an extremely long lifespan. For the longevity most of us look for in our home elements, vinyl windows are a reliable option that can be customized to blend perfectly with our homes.

Milgard’s Trinsic Series has captured the best vinyl has to offer and made it an even more stand out material.

All vinyl is not created equally. Quality will differ from one manufacturer to the next.

Milgard has developed their own vinyl formula, which carefully considers titanium dioxide content and finishes their frames with a premium two-coat finish.

The result? Their vinyl windows more heat resistant, which guards against aging and warping.  In an environment with plentiful sunlight, exposure to UV rays can compromise the integrity of the vinyl. Milgard’s formula and finishes allow ultraviolet rays to pass through the color formulation and reflect off the vinyl frame keeping the windows looking new for years.

Milgard’s high-quality vinyl technology means they’re able to produce a slimmer frame. No matter which operating style you choose, the Trinsic series features equal sightlines and minimalistic hardware, which provide a streamlined look as well. Clean lines create a sleek, graceful and modern silhouette that maximizes views and brings more natural light into your home, setting the Trinsic series apart.

Operating Styles - Milgard Trinsic Series 

Regardless of where you need a new window in your home, the Trinsic series offers 7 operating styles to suit every room:

Single Hung 

White Trinsic single hung frame.

Horizontal Slider

White Trinsic horizontal sliding frame.

Double Horizontal Slider 

White Trinsic double horizontal sliding frame.


White Trinsic casement frame.


White Trinsic awning frame.


 White Trinsic picture frame.


 White Trinisc radius frame.

Black Windows are Just the Beginning - Milgard Trinsic Series 

Color samples of Milgard Premium Vinyl window finishes. 

Black, white, and brushed metal are the hottest color trends for modern home design. Milgard’s effort to create a high-quality, modern window doesn't just stop at their sleek frames. The Trinsic Series is available in 11 neutral color options that perfectly complement cutting edge, and modern home designs.

The 3 Standard colors, White, Tan, and Clay, are available as interior and exterior finishes.

The 8 Premium exterior colors range from deep, expressive Bronze, timeless Silver, and airy Ivory. All windows with Premium exterior colors have a white interior.

What About the Glass? - Milgard Trinsic Series 

A bedroom with a dark accent wall and three tall white picture windows.

From a performance perspective, glass is one of the most important elements of a window. The right glass can improve energy efficiency and offer increased privacy with texture and tint options.

Consider that each room of your home has different levels of sun exposure depending on the direction your windows face. One side could benefit from sun protection while another area of your home could benefit from increased privacy.

For areas of your home that experience the most sun exposure, the Trinsic series offers two low-emissions glass coatings:

SUNCOAT® Low-E2 Glass 

This is a microscopically thin coating applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer and reduce harmful UV rays (up to 84%!). SunCoat Low-E2 glass comes standard on all Milgard dual-pane windows.


Reduces solar heat gain more than two-coat, Low-E glass which helps keeps your house cooler in the summer. You’ll also enjoy additional protection from UV-A and UV-B rays for your fabrics and other furnishings.

The below options are available for rooms requiring a bit more privacy:

Samples of textured and tinted glass window options from Milgard.

SmartTouch Hardware -  Milgard Trinsic Series

 Close up of a white SmartTouch lock.

One of the defining features of the Trinsic series of windows is the sleek hardware. Developed by Milgard, SmartTouch hardware offers easy to operate and easy to maintain handles and locks. Better yet, this hardware blends perfectly with the minimalist, modern aesthetic of the Trinsic series. So what makes the Trinsic series stand out in the world of window hardware?

A Light Touch - The window lock mechanism is incorporated into the window sash for a sleek, low-profile design. It’s easy to use for anyone. One single motion opens or closes the window, and locks it. No pinching, forcing, squeezing or twisting.

Security at a Glance - SmartTouch offers peace of mind. When the handle is down, the window is locked. When the handle is up, the window is unlocked. It’s for people of all ages and abilities.

The Right Element - The lock assembly is made from die-cast zinc so it's not only tough, it's built to last.

Warranty -  Milgard Trinsic Series 

Large silver shield with Milgard Icon and "Full Lifetime Warranty" emblazoned across front.

Would you put your name on a product you didn’t believe in? Milgard doesn't. Only products that live up to their standards make it into their product line up. Trinsic vinyl windows are backed with their Full Lifetime Warranty. Milgard will repair or replace any defective materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labor as long as the product purchaser is a homeowner. Also, coverage extends 10 years from the install date of the original warranty to the successive owners, free of charge.

Brennan’s team looks forward to helping you find the best windows for your home, contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate today.


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