Milgard Style Line Vinyl Windows Review

Milgard Style Line Vinyl Windows Review

When you’re looking for new or replacement vinyl windows, you’re on the right track to pair quality with affordability. Milgard windows are some of the best in the industry due to their beauty and energy efficiency. As one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s most experienced remodeling companies, we at Brennan know a thing or two about what makes a good, quality window.

Our mission is to help homeowners manifest their improvement projects with top-of-the-line products paired with our master craftsmanship. That’s why we’re highlighting Milgard’s Style Line® Series: an exceptional choice for durable, energy efficient, and sleek vinyl windows.

Why Vinyl?

Before we get started on Milgard’s Style Line® series, let’s review some of the benefits of a well-crafted vinyl window.

Vinyl is a plastic also known as PVC. Developed in the 1920s, it’s a low-cost material to produce, is resistant to moisture, and is easy to mold and color. It’s also recyclable as it’s made mostly from salt - a renewable substance. Due to the inherent strength of this type of plastic and its ability to be reused and repurposed, vinyl can have an extremely long lifespan. For the utility most look for in a window, vinyl provides a reliable frame that can be painted and custom-sized to perfectly fit your home.

But what makes Milgard’s Style Line® vinyl stand out among the crowd? It’s in the recipe!  

Durable, Yet Dainty

It’s important to note that there will be differences in the quality of one manufacturer's vinyl compared to another. Milgard has developed their own vinyl formula paying special attention to the titanium dioxide content and finishing off the frames with a premium two-coat finish; this makes their vinyl windows more heat resistant. In an environment with plentiful sunlight, exposure to UV rays can compromise the integrity of the vinyl. Milgard’s composition and finishes allow those ultraviolet rays to pass through the color formulation and reflect off the vinyl frame keeping the windows looking new for years.

Milgard’s high-quality vinyl technology means they’re able to produce a slimmer frame which sets Style Line® series apart. The clean lines create a graceful silhouette which allows more natural light into your home helping each room feel more expansive. With this series, you’re able to give your home a more contemporary facelift with the reliability of a tried and true material.

Energy Conscious Beauty

The Style Line® series boasts a high-grade vinyl composition and slender lines, but what of its energy efficiencies?

Milgard helps consumers make an impact on their energy consumption by offering energy-efficient windows across their window series. They make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can tailor to specific climate.

They also conduct thermal simulations to improve energy performance in their windows and patio doors and they adhere to ENERGY STAR® v6 requirements that meet or exceed U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) criteria for the areas in which they serve.

The glass offerings in the Style Line® series are numerous. Consider that you probably have unique needs in every room of your home, depending on the direction your windows face. One side could benefit from sun protection and another may need privacy.

For areas of your home that experience the most sun exposure, the Style Line® series offers two low-emissions glass coatings:

This is a microscopically thin coating applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer and reduce harmful UV rays (up to 84%!). SunCoat Low-E2 glass comes standard on all Milgard dual-pane windows.

Reduces solar heat gain more than two-coat, Low-E glass which helps keeps your house cooler in the summer. You’ll also enjoy additional protection from UV-A and UV-B rays for your fabrics and other furnishings.

Slim Profile, Expansive Views

Now that we’ve discussed why vinyl is an excellent frame choice, and how Milgard’s vinyl formula helps elongate the life of their frames, let’s take a closer look at the design options of the Style Line® series. These long-lasting windows come in many styles.

Single Hung

Image of Milgard Aluminum single hung window. The single hung window is made of vinyl and has a slim frame.

Horizontal Sliding

Image of Milgard's horizontal sliding window. This is a vinyl window with a slim frame profile.

Milgard Style Line casement window.


Milgard Style Line awning window.


Milgard Style Line picture windows are available in many shapes.

Specialty Shape

Milgard Style Line specialty shape windows.

Style Line® Series vinyl windows are available in an array of neutral colors:


Milgard Tuscany and Style Line interior color options. Colors include: White, Tan, Clay


Milgard Style Line and Tuscany window exterior color options. Color options include: White, Tan, Clay, Sand (premium option), Ivory (premium option), Fog (premium option), Silver (premium option), Tweed (premium option), Classic Brown (premium option), Espresso (premium option), Bronze (premium option).

You’ll be letting in a ton of light with the Style Line® series, but if you’re looking to maintain some privacy, the Style Line® series gives you that option. Milgard provides a variety of glass customization. If you’ve got a bathroom or other private area of your home that you want to enjoy while assured you’re letting in only sunlight, Milgard provides 10 styles of frosted, etched, and textured glass:

Milgard obscure glass options for light and privacy.

Gentle tinting is also available if you want to maintain the modern design of this line while minimizing the view into your home:

Examples of Milgard tinted glass options.

Milgard’s collections are beautiful, high-end options for homeowners looking for new or replacement windows. The Style Line® series is a top choice for beauty and functionality. 


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