ProVia Embarq vs ProVia Signet Front Doors: Fiberglass Door Review

ProVia Embarq vs ProVia Signet Front Doors: Fiberglass Door Review

If you’re looking to replace your entry doors and you’ve thought about ProVia doors, you can rest assured you’re making a good decision. ProVia has been in business for over 40 years. They make beautiful doors tailored to your home with a focus on durability, security, and energy efficiency.

In this article, we’ll provide a comparison review of ProVia’s Embarq and Signet doors. We hope this will help you make an informed decision, feel free to reach out to us by phone or on social with any additional questions you may have.

How are Embarq and Signet doors similar?

Good question, the truth is that Embarq and Signet doors are both great options, especially for fiberglass doors. Their primary similarities, aside from being fiberglass doors, is that they have the same stain and paint finish options (mostly), framing options, hardware options, and they both have a 20-gauge security plate for extra strength and to help prevent kick-ins. Some of the options available in both series do overlap but there are options that are also unique to each.

Embarq and Signet Finishes

Each ProVia door is hand stained or painted by professional craftsmen.

  • Pro-Tip: Make sure you have your door factory finished, although, you can order doors unfinished and do this work yourself it’s not recommended and it also affects the warranty on the door.

Stains available for Embarq and Signet doors depend on which type of fiberglass door texture you choose.

Textures (ProVia refers to these as series) available for Embarq doors are Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, and Knotty Alder. Textures available for Signet are Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, Knotty Alder, Fir, and Smooth.

Cherry and Mahogany Stains

ProVia ToffeeProVia American CherryProVia American ChestnutProVia CinnamonProVia NutmegProVia HazelnutProVia Coffee Bean

Oak, Knotty Alder, and Fir Stains

ProVia Honey WheatProVia CaramelProVia TruffleProVia GingerProVia AlmondProVia PecanProVia Espresso

Paint Colors

ProVia Snow MistProVia Cafe CreamProVia Primrose YellowProVia ChateauProVia Sandpiper BeigeProVia SandstoneProVia Sterling Gray

ProVia ClayProVia Geneva BlueProVia Enzian BlueProVia Forest GreenProVia Vallis RedProVia Mountain BerryProVia Rustic Bronze

ProVia Tudor BrownProVia Coal Black

Glazed Finishes

ProVia Rustic Sage Glaze finishProVia Dutch Gray Glaze finishProVia Winter Rain Glaze finishProVia Harbor Mist Glaze FinishProVia Natural Leather Glazed Finish


ProVia Doors have three options available for the frame. These options include a Full Wood Frame, Steel L-Frame, and PermaTech Composite Frame. Each of the frames has energy efficient weather stripping are designed to prevent water absorption. As an option, ProVia also offers a FrameSaver design with a fully-transferable lifetime limited warranty. The FrameSaver is a finger-jointed composite bottom that never absorbs water, warps, cracks or rots. 

If you've had someone out to check on the quality of your door you may have noticed that one of the first things an installer or inspector might do is check the bottom corner of your door frames, that's because that is where water gathers when it rains. The bottom of the door and the corner of the frames are susceptible to wood rot, mold, shrinking and swelling, and paint peeling. Composite materials rather than regular wood help to prevent that type of damage.

Issues with wood frames; wood rot on door frame; FrameSaver



ProVia has several options for hardware but what I really want to highlight for you is some of their safety aspects. Did you know that there are multi-point door locks? Trillenium and Hoppe both make multi-point locking systems that are available on ProVia doors. Unlike a standard lock which offers a single-point lock, these systems offer 3- and 4-latching points which operate simultaneously. 

ProVia hardware offerings include multi-point locks for additional security.


ProVia's hardware options also include some electronic keypad options but when it comes to the structure of the door a 20-gauge security plate is standard on both Embarq and Signet doors. The plate is placed on the exterior of the door frame, the part that is hidden and attached to the structure of the home. The plate adds extra strength and helps to prevent kick-ins. Although the plate is visible in the image it won't be visible when the door is installed. 

ProVia 20-gauge security plate


What is unique about ProVia’s Embarq door?

ProVia’ Embarq Fiberglass door was awarded the Crystal Achievement Award from Window & Door magazine. The award is meant to recognize significant innovations and achievements in window and door technology, manufacturing, and marketing.

The Embarq door is the thickest fiberglass door available and is approximately 43% thicker than standard exterior doors. While a standard entry door measures 1 ¾” in thickness the Embarq door is 2 ½” thick.

The thicker design allows for more insulation; that combined with the insulation channels in the side rails and header, the custom bottom sweep, and the dual perimeter seals on the door and frame make the door more energy efficient.

Embarq is the most energy efficient door system currently available in the U.S. market. All Embarq Fiberglass doors are ENERGY STAR Certified.

What do I need to know about the Signet door?

With all that there is to say about the Embarq, you might wonder if you need to know anything else about any other door and you do! Don’t cut out other options just because one door sounds really great, and the Embarq is great but there are limitations as well.

The Signet doors are super customizable! Signet doors are available in the same textures or “grains” as the Embarq door plus an additional two options. Two options may not seem like much but it makes a difference in the overall finish because you get more combinations to consider for door styles, colors, stains, hardware, and glass.

Signet doors are available in custom widths and heights and there are 14 door styles that are available in 8’ doors! Those are definitely statement pieces.

Additionally, Signet doors can be customized on both sides which means you can order a different series, style, and finish on each side of your door. 

What are some other differences between Embarq and Signet doors?

ProVia Inscribed Entry Doors

ProVia offers an option to inscribe your doors with your address number and while it’s an option on Signet Cherry doors it is not an option that’s available on Embarq doors.


Unique to Embarq doors is the Quad Glass System, which is a high-performance glass system that provides high-energy efficiency. The Quad Glass system includes a Low-E Glass surface for the exterior pane, has spacer glass, and has an option for decorative or plain glass core. The glass can be filled with Krypton Gas or Argon Gas.


Internal grids are available on both Embarq and Signet doors but external grids are not available on either.

Internal Blinds

Internal blinds have grown in popularity but they are not available on either Embarq or Signet doors.

For more details on some of the similarities and differences between features of Embarq Fiberglass doors and Signet Fiberglass doors check out the chart at the bottom of this article.

If you are interested in looking at some ProVia doors check out our product pages linked below. If you have any questions about these products or if you’re interested in ordering some doors for your home please feel free to give us a call or submit a form for a call back by clicking on “FREE ESTIMATE” at the top of this page.

ProVia Doors

ProVia Embarq

ProVia Signet

Embarq Entry Door Advantage - ProVia Website

Take a look at this comparison chart detailing the differences between ProVia's Embarq Fiberglass doors and Signet Fiberglass Doors. If you're curious about these doors please reach out to us at Brennan Enterprises, we are a ProVia door dealer located in the Dallas, Texas area.


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