What are Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

What is fiberglass?

Let’s start at the beginning: glass fibers are threadlike fibers or slivers of glass. It’s a material that’s been experimented within the manufacturing industry throughout history.*

Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material embedded in a resin matrix. It is inexpensive, strong, and can be molded into complex shapes. Fiberglass has been used in insulation, boats, pipes, auto body parts, and a number of other objects including doors.

Image of glass fibers in different forms.

*Fun fact: Edward Drummond Libbey, the father of the glass industry, exhibited a dress that incorporated glass fibers at the 1893 Word’s Fair in Chicago. 
*Fun fact: glass fibers also occur naturally as Pele’s hair, a form of lava.

What are fiberglass doors?

Fiberglass doors are a strong alternative to wood doors. Modern fiberglass doors have gotten good at mimicking the look and feel of actual wood doors without the same risks of warp, rot, shrink, or swell.

Fiberglass doors have three major components: the frame, the core, and the skin.

The frame is usually made of wood or a high strength composite material. The core is filled with a polyurethane insulating foam for both insulation and soundproofing. The door’s exterior is constructed with high-impact compression-molded fiberglass.

What makes fiberglass front doors a good option?

Fiberglass doors are growing in popularity with homeowners because they are a practical alternative to wood doors and look just as good.

Fiberglass benefits graphic indicating fiberglass does not dent, splinter, warp, or rust. Fiberglass is moisture resistant, energy efficient, secure, sun resistant, insect/rot resistant, and low-maintenance. 

Are fiberglass doors secure?

Absolutely. Someone is not going to be able to punch a hole through a fiberglass door.

The door, the frame, and the hardware all play a role in the security of your door entrance. The strength of the door will matter when it comes to security so keep that in mind when you look through manufacturers.

ProVia manufactures the thickest fiberglass door available earning them the Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Door from Window & Door Magazine. 

"Every aspect of the ProVia [Embarq] fiberglass door makes it a winner." -Crystal Achievement Award Judge

To learn more about the Embarq Fiberglass door or other fiberglass door options check out our products page.

ProVia Embarq fiberglass entry door. Sold by Brennan Enterprises in Dallas.
Embarq fiberglass entry door with sidelights. Photo courtesy of ProVia.

Is fiberglass as strong as steel?

How does fiberglass compare to steel? Steel doors are susceptible to dents and scratches which can lead to rust. Fiberglass won’t dent or scratch like steel they also won’t peel or chip like you might see on the lamination surface of steel.

Is fiberglass lighter than steel?

Fiberglass doors are lighter than wood or steel but remain extremely durable. Steel doors are heavy and strong. They will protect your home from intruders but they are only slightly stronger than a high-end fiberglass door and tend to have shorter lifespans than wood and fiberglass entry doors.

Can you cut down a fiberglass door?

Yes. Sometimes you’ll find that a door needs to be cut to fit properly in an opening or you decide you want to add a doggy door and need to make a cut out in your existing door. You’ll want to double check with the manufacturer that the door can be trimmed but in most cases, fiberglass doors can be cut.

If you do choose to cut your fiberglass door make sure to wear a respirator and goggles to protect your lungs and eyes.

Can fiberglass doors be painted?*

Yes, fiberglass doors can be painted. If the door is textured it can be painted or stained. If the fiberglass door has a smooth finish it can only be painted.

Homeowners often choose to stain their textured doors instead of painting. While paint covers the door’s surface a stain brings out the wood-grain characteristics in the door.

*ProTip: Order your door factory finished to ensure the best quality paint/stain finish. Factory finish doors will have a better warranty and in some cases making changes to the door like after the fact like painting or cutting can void a warranty. 

How much do fiberglass entry doors cost?

The average cost of fiberglass entry doors is $2,000 on the low end and $8,000 on the high end. Some factors that affect the price of fiberglass doors include shape, size, style, paint and finish options, locks and hardware and custom detailing.

Installation costs can also drive the price of the project higher.




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July 13, 2021


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