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Screens and Shades for Big Patio Doors

If you love the open space concept, patios are undoubtedly an exciting feature to invest in. Glass patio doors with sliding door screens are a must-have for homeowners that love to entertain. The large glass panels in these types of doors allow more light into your home and can open up to make your space feel larger and more welcoming.

Unfortunately, glass patio doors and sliding door screens can pose a challenge when choosing window treatments. If you have particularly large patio doors, finding the right size screens or shades may be a problem. In this post, we'll introduce you to our favorite screen and shade products for big patio doors.

Screens and shades for big patio doors

What are screens?

Screens are mesh partitions used to provide relief from heat, light, or insects. They can also provide a bit of privacy. They are typically made of different types of aluminum or fiberglass.

Bonus: Movable screens on patio doors make a great impression on guests and home buyers.

What are shades?

Shades are pieces of fabric that roll, stack or fold open to a view only when the shade is stored away. Like with window shades, door shades offer privacy and light control and they can be a decorative feature, too.

Can I buy shades or screens for sliding glass doors?

Yes. Shades and screens are sold for sliding and folding exterior doors. There are actually many options available from window treatment companies. This is the direction most homeowners take because most big patio doors don't come with shades or screens.

Can I add a screen to a sliding glass door?

It is possible to add a sliding door screen in addition to a sliding patio door. Additionally, you can also opt for a more affordable option by getting a screen cover. There are screen attachments that work similarly to curtains and are sturdier options as well. The sturdier framed screen attachments are the most convenient and add value to your home.

Things to consider when buying door screens and shades


Whether you are buying screens or shades for your patio doors, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Style: your style is definitely a critical deciding factor when shopping for screens and shades. Think about the color or pattern of your pick to match existing decorative items throughout your patio.
  • Budget: the cost of the screens and shades is determined by the existing features. Generally, custom-fit products are more expensive than generic options. Add-ons such as remote control cordless mechanisms will also increase the cost.
  • Amount of light: how much light control you need is another crucial factor to keep in mind. For example, if you are looking for complete darkness to high privacy, a blackout shade may be appropriate and also more expensive.
  • We recommend screens and shades from Centor

We love Centor's products, even though they are more expensive than other options. This is one of those moments where we stand behind the saying, "You get what you pay for." Centor has a great reputation for manufacturing high quality products. In fact, Centor, door parts are often used by other big door companies. Why? Because Centor makes products and parts they can trust.

Whether you need a little privacy or need to black out the light for a movie night, Centor's retractable Screen & Shade Systems are ideal. The following are some of the customized options available for you:

S4 - Screens & Shades for Big Doors

Centor’s S4 screen and shade↗ option is specifically designed for large doors up to 126" (3200mm) high and 354 ¹³⁄₁₆" (9013mm) wide. S4 provides a range of screens, blinds, and a combination of options to meet your specific needs.

  • Can be fitted to the inside or outside of the opening
  • Configurations
    • Single screen or shade
    • Combination screen and shade with one housed in each side of the frame
    • Double screens and shades housed in each side of the frame

S2 - Screens for Standard Patio Doors

The simpler S2 screen design↗ is great for smaller openings up to 157 ¹⁄₂" (4000mm).

  • Can be fitted to the inside or outside of the opening
  • Configurations
    • Single screen that covers the full width of the opening
    • Double screen with two screens meeting in the center
    • XO with a single screen that covers a sliding door opening

Screens and shades offer a certain level of privacy, convenience, and luxury that add value to your patio. The ideal product control sunlight and lets in fresh air without any worry of bugs.

June 01, 2022
November 21, 2023


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