Should I Buy Windows with Built-In Blinds?

Should I Buy Windows with Built-In Blinds?

Uneven rising and lowering, tangled cords, kids and pets damaging the blinds? When traditional window blinds become too frustrating homeowners start considering windows with built-in blinds.

Windows with blinds between the glass offer many benefits over traditional window blinds. We’ll talk more about them in this post.

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What are built-in blinds?

Built-in blinds systems position the blinds between the panes of glass in the window instead of on the exterior. Instead of lifting and lowering the blinds by pulling on cords these blinds are operated by sliding a magnetic operator on the side of the frame. Some built-in blinds can also be operated by remote control.

  • Convenient – Magnetized sliders makes it easy to evenly lift the blinds.
  • Unobtrusive – Blinds between the glass don’t swing or make noise as you operate your door or if someone bumps into it.
  • Maintenance Free – Regular blinds need to be cleaned or dusted frequently. Encased blinds that are properly sealed don’t accumulate dust like traditional exposed blinds.
  • Safety – Children and pets can get caught in the cords dangling from blinds, cordless blinds and blinds between the glass are safer options.
  • Less Energy-Efficient – Windows with built-in blinds are typically less energy efficient because they aren’t filled with insulating gas like standard insulated glass units (IGUs).
  • More Expensive – Windows with built-in blinds are a specialty window product making them more expensive than standard windows. It also costs more to purchase a window with built-in blinds than it does to purchase blinds separately.
  • Limited Colors – Blinds sold as standalone products are available in lots of colors and textures. Window vendors that sell windows with built-in blinds typically offer limited options; most offer only one option.

Should I buy windows with built-in blinds?

Windows with built-in blinds are a great option for homeowners who have major allergy concerns. If you like the look and convenience of encased, some say ‘integral’, blinds then definitely consider them as an option when you’re shopping for replacement windows.

If you don’t want to replace your windows but you do want encased blinds, there are some options but it may depend on the brand and model of your window. Add-on encased blinds are easier to purchase for patio doors. If you have Pella windows, consider reaching out to a Pella retailer as some of their windows are designed to allow for add-on blinds.

For homeowners that want more options, say no to built-in blinds. There are several options for window treatments today that are cost effective, safe, and aesthetically appealing.

Which window companies sell windows with built-in blinds?

Below are a few brands we know sell windows with built-in blinds. Andersen and ProVia are two of our favorite vendors. ProVia in particular continues to increase their integral blind options. Read more about these brands below.


Andersen Windows and Doors↗ has a long-established reputation for delivering quality products. It’s easy to trust Andersen to deliver the same level of craftsmanship in their blinds-between-the-glass. Built-in blinds are offered on select windows and doors from the E-Series, 400 Series, and 200 Series. Built-in shades are also available as part of the E-Series System 3 Blinds & Shades. The System 3 design features triple-glazed glass for added energy efficiency.


MI Windows↗ is one of the biggest window manufacturers in the country. This company offers blinds-between-the-glass on select 1600 Series. Select products include double hung, picture, and casement style windows. MI mini blinds-between-the-glass are also available on 1615 Sliding Glass Doors. Check out thermal performance ratings for MI Windows at↗.


Pella↗ is another major window manufacturer. Pella windows are favored by builders for new construction homes so it may be surprising to learn that you can get blinds and shades between-the-glass on their windows. Pella offer both shades and blinds in a variety of colors including Ash Room Darkening (shades) and Black (blinds). Blinds and shades are available awning, casement, and double hung windows from the Lifestyle Series.


The last company on this list is ProVia↗. ProVia offers built-in blinds on Aspect and Endure windows and includes a 10-year warranty on the blinds. The blinds are offered in Silver, Champagne, Cream, and Tan on double hung, slider, casement, awning, and picture windows.

If built-in blinds make sense for your home, begin your search with the companies above. Explore these options so that you have something to compare to if you decide to go with another window vendor.


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