Spanish Colonial Window Styles

Spanish Colonial Window Styles

Every house needs improvements from time to time. After all, materials break down and styles change.  For this reason, renovating old features and maintaining aesthetics is a fundamental element of owning a beautiful home. Spanish Colonial architecture exists within a particular range of visual characteristics that set the style apart from others.  When it comes to renovating houses with distinct architectural designs, it is essential that the changes reflect the original theme. The following article describes the main features of Spanish Colonial architecture and the four best window styles suited for these homes.  


Understanding Spanish Colonial Architecture

The foundation of this architectural movement began with the Spanish Colonization of North America.  Many homes built during this period reflected styles and designs popular in Spain.  Over time, continued enthusiasm for this movement has earned it a place within American architecture as well.

Key features included:

  • Smooth stucco walls and chimneys
  • Low-pitch clay tile roofs
  • Inlaid doors and windows

Additionally, these homes sometimes include balconies, patios, and signature canvas awnings.  Decorative ornaments made of concrete or baked Earth accentuate the time period and Spanish culture.  

Older Spanish Colonial windows are typically tall casement windows that helped cool homes before the advent of air conditioning.  This style of architecture clearly reflects the climate where these homes were built.  

Insulated walls and functioning windows served to provide relief from devastating heat and sunlight during the summer.  


Best Windows for Spanish Colonial Homes

Renovating a Spanish Colonial home presents you with specific challenges, unlike most other homes.  Whereas other styles allow creative flexibility with window options, maintaining the Spanish Colonial theme requires specific style choices that reflect this movement.  

The four following styles are the best windows to consider when trying to modernize and retain the characteristic of your Spanish Colonial home.  Of these four, there are two distinct categories: Casement Windows and Colonial Grilles.

  • Casement Windows are connected via hinges to the side of a window frame.  This allows the window to pivot out and swing open.  
  • Colonial Grilles describe how the pane of glass is divided.  Usually, this style of window is partitioned into equally rectangular segments.  However, variations and exceptions can alter this design.

As with any art form, combining and altering these elements will help distinguish your home as a unique example of Spanish Colonial architecture.  The following four window styles describe some of the ways these variations can be used.  

Rectangular Casement Windows

When renovating a Spanish Colonial style home, you will find that rectangular casement windows are an excellent option to consider.  These tall, rectangular windows look uniform with the square nature of this architectural style.

Springline Casement Windows

Conversely, spring line casement windows provide accent to your home without sacrificing the authenticity of the Spanish Colonial theme.  As opposed to rectangular casements, spring line casements are arched at the top, providing a juxtaposition to the sharp features of your home.  

Arched, or spring line, casement windows help soften the sharp straight edges of a Spanish Colonial home.  

Twin Springline Casement Windows

For larger openings, you can also consider twin spring line casement windows.  Similar to the single variation, this model attaches arched panes of glass to the side of the window frame.  However, two swinging windows, as opposed to one, provide a larger opening and greater air flow through the home.  

This is an excellent option for rooms requiring greater circulation during warmer months.  

Colonial Grilles

Finally, colonial grilles define how windows panes are divided.  Typically, colonial grilles are uniform rectangles within rectangular windows.  However, when applied to spring line windows, colonial grilles can arch to match the upper curve of the frame.  

With respect to the Spanish Colonialism movement, grilles help accentuate the straight lines within the overall architectural style.  However, adding a curved Colonial Grille to a spring line casement window maximizes the softening effects of the rounded edges.

In this respect, a grille helps to increase the visual aesthetic put forth by a rectangular or spring line casement window.   

Playing with the Elements

As stated before, knowing the characteristics of your Spanish Colonial home helps you make sound decisions when considering how to renovate and make alterations.  Combining the features of casement windows and colonial grilles is another great way to distinguish your home.  

Dividing window panes with the colonial grille helps accentuate Spanish Colonial features while breaking up large window panes.  When applied to single and twin spring line casement windows, the grille helps distinguish the juxtaposition of the arched opening.

Knowing how to soften the sharp appearance with the right windows can help maximize the curb appeal of your home.  Combining elements together makes your home stand out while retaining the Spanish Colonial characteristics.  

Additionally, placing a spring line casement window above a colonial grille helps create taller windows for a grandiose effect. 

Maintaining a Spanish Colonial Home

Owning a home with a unique style requires making the necessary improvements to retain the architectural vision.  Knowing the style of your home is paramount when considering renovations or remodeling projects.  

Adding out of place elements weakens the style and damages the character of Spanish Colonial homes in particular.  

When the architectural guideposts for your home are as rigid as they are, it is vital that you understand which windows work with the aesthetic, rather than against it.  Replacing older windows with mismatched variations can actually decrease the value of the property.  

For this reason, knowing the visual keys to a particular design helps maintain the theme that sets your home apart.  As a Spanish Colonial homeowner, you know the importance of curb appeal.

Do you have a vision for your next remodeling project?  Discover the Best Windows for the Style of Your Home!

Have you recently replaced your Spanish Colonial windows?  Leave us a comment and let us know how you preserved that uniquely beautiful style.  


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