Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake - Roofing Review

Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake - Roofing Review

Tilcor and Decra are two multinational roofing companies, headquartered in New Zealand. Decra Roofing Systems, dating back to the early 1900s is one of New Zealand’s top industrial companies.

Tilcor Roofing Systems has manufactured roofing materials since 1942. Both of these companies have become international leaders in residential and commercial building products.

Brennan Enterprises is proud to partner with both Tilcor and Decra to offer Dallas-Fort Worth superior roofing products. Today, we’re comparing two lines shake roofing products by Tilcor and Decra.

Traditional shake roofing is created with natural wood and offers a charming aesthetic to homes. These days, the beauty of shake can be created from a variety of products, namely steel.

Tilcor Craftsman Shake and Decra Shake are two distinct lines that combine the beauty of cedar shake and the longevity of steel to create a durable addition to any home.

Our review will take a look at each line on the basis of the below:

Want to learn more about how steel roofing stacks up against other roofing materials? Check out what's available on the market and what each offers your home.

If you’re ready to learn more about Tilcor or Decra’s roofing lines, contact Brennan for a free in-home estimate.

Materials & Construction - Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake

Both of these roofing systems are made of stone-coated steel. The stone, like the granules on asphalt shingles, helps to reduce heat gain and keep a cooler roof. 

Tilcor Craftsman Shake roofing systems are made with Zincalume®. This is a patented blend of zinc and aluminum coating for steel. Tilcor’s steel roofing systems are constructed with eight different layers which offer corrosion resistance and rigidity thanks to the Zincalume® coating.

Engineered from high-grade Zincalume® coated steel, this line of steel roofing is one of the most sustainable available in the world.

Texture of Tilcor Craftsman Shake in Black Iron

Texture of Tilcor Craftsman Shake in Black Iron

Tilcor Craftsman Shake in Black Iron

Tilcor Craftsman Shake in Black Iron

Decra Shake steel roofing is also engineered with eight layers and a blend of aluminum and zinc. This line is designed to help reduce energy consumption as they take advantage of vented airspace between the roof tiles and the roof deck. This creates an insulating effect which reduces solar heat gain to keep your home interior comfortable. 

Decra Shake in Weathered Timber

Decra Shake in Weathered Timber

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Fire Rating - Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake

Two firefighters atop a burning residential roof producing large clouds of black smoke.Photo by Rob Swystun

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have. When you choose materials to put on or in it, you’re looking for the highest quality possible. Your roof should be no exception. For roofing materials, the fire-resistance rating indicates that they are able to withstand moderate exposure to fire originating from outside the building.

UL is a global safety certification company and they provide guidelines to determine fire-resistance ratings.  Fire-resistance is determined with a rating of A, B, or C with A indicating the most resistance.

The UL 790 (Class A), fire rating states:

Class A roof coverings are effective against severe fire test exposures. Under such exposures, roof coverings of this class afford a high degree of fire protection to the roof deck, do not slip from position, and are not expected to produce flying brands.

Both Tilcor Craftsman Shake and Decra Shake meet UL 790 Class A fire resistance standards.

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Wind and Impact Resistance - Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake

A residential roof being pelted with rain and hail.Photo by ClaimsMate

Living in Tornado Alley, strong storms are a reality for North Texas homeowners, especially in Spring and Summer. It’s important to ensure that the roof on your home can hold up to weather hazards in our climate.

Both the Decra Shake and Tilcor Craftsman Shake lines can withstand wind speeds up to 120 MPH.

Tilcor’s Craftsman Shake steel roofing is designed to withstand high wind uplift forces. Engineered to endure the “Very High Wind Zones” of coastal New Zealand, North Texas thunderstorms are no match for these tiles.

Both Decra Shake and Tilcor Craftsman Shake tiles are designed with interlocking technology that reinforces their resistance against the elements - this includes hail. In fact, both lines have earned a “4” impact rating from UL, the highest available for residential roofs.

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Colors- Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake

Tilcor Craftsman Shake steel roofing tiles are available in the below 5 muted colors:

Tilcor Craftsman Shake Steel Roofing Colors.

Decra Shake steel roofing tiles are offered in 5 neutral colors:

Decra Shake steel roofing colors.

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Warranty - Tilcor Craftsman Shake vs Decra Shake

Decra Roofing warrantyTilcor Warranty

One of the benefits of steel roofing materials that it provides your home with decades of protection against the elements.

Tilcor offers a Lifetime/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty for their Craftsman Shake line.

Decra offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for Decra Shake products

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Ready to learn more about which roofing product is right for your home? Remember, Brennan offers free in-home consultations. Make an appointment at 817-860-9767, or schedule your appointment online

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