What are Awning Windows
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What are Awning Windows

Awning windows are one of the most often-overlooked options that homeowners can choose when it's time to put new windows into their homes. Commonly used in basements and attics, awning windows can be installed in practically any room of your home. 

The unique design of awning windows makes them functional while giving your home a unique look. But before you choose new windows for your home, let's learn a little more about awning windows, where they work best, and their potential pros and cons. 

What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are hinged on top so that they open outward. This unique design essentially transforms the opened window sash into an awning that protects the window opening from the elements. Screens are usually on the inside.

Awning windows are typically either square or oriented horizontally, and are often smaller than other windows. They can be hung just about anywhere in your home, but some of the most common places to install them include:

  • Basements, where they can be installed high on the wall and easily opened with one hand.
  • In kitchens, especially above a wall-facing counter or kitchen sink. 
  • Paired with non-opening windows, such as above or below a picture window.

Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

Awning windows have a few potential drawbacks, and aren't ideal for every home or every location. But the advantages are numerous as well, and chances are there's at least one spot in your house where an awning window would be just right. Let's look at some of the pros and cons!

Pro: Great Ventilation

The ventilation provided by awning windows is hard to beat. They allow fantastic air circulation, which is ideal if you're concerned about your home becoming stuffy in the summertime. It's also a great reason to install an awning window in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Pro: Modern Look

Awning windows are popular in modern and contemporary homes because of their minimalist, streamlined look. They are highly visible from the outside and can help define your home's architectural style. 

Pro: Affordable

Awning windows are no more expensive than most other types of window. In fact, because awning windows are often smaller, you may even pay less. 

Con: Potentially an Obstacle

Because they open outward, awning windows can be a hazard in high-traffic areas. They're easy to run into, so it's usually best not to install them on the ground floor in areas where people commonly walk or kids play outside. 

Not Great in an Emergency

Their small size, along with the fact that they are often installed a significant distance off the ground, means that awning windows are not useful as escape routes in the event of a fire or other emergency. Make sure you have other windows for this purpose. 

Who Sells Awning Windows?

You can find awning windows in a variety of sizes and designs, making it easy to choose windows that perfectly match the style of your home. Awning windows are made by most of today's top window manufacturers, including: 

Homeowners in Texas who are interested in awning style replacement windows can contact us at Brennan today to discuss their project. 

January 12, 2021
June 25, 2022


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