What is a moving glass wall system?

What is a moving glass wall system?

Big glass doors for luxury living

Moving glass wall systems are essentially big glass doors that take up the width or a substantially large portion of a wall. In our industry, we’re talking about exterior walls which can also be covered with floor to ceiling windows. 

Moving glass walls (or big doors) are a luxurious alternative to glass walls that are comprised of big windows. They’re perfect in homes with amazing views, great for homeowners who enjoy entertaining, and an absolute must-have for anyone trying to create the perfect indoor-outdoor living home. 

In this post, we’ll talk more about the types of door styles used to create moving glass wall systems and share links to product examples.

Types of moving glass walls

Moving glass walls are available in several operating styles but mostly can be described as a folding door or sliding door. 

Folding Doors

Folding doors, typically called bi-folding, operate similar to an accordion folding up when pushed together and straightening out when the panels are fully engaged on their track. 

Open Weiland Bi-Fold Door

Open Centor Integrated Folding Door

Partially Open Andersen Folding Door

Folding doors are available in multiple configurations and can be customized to fit your design. Check out this amazing radius folding door from Door Innovations (formerly Weathertight).

Open Radius Folding Door by Door Innovations

Sliding Doors

Large sliding doors also count as moving glass walls and operate like a standard sliding patio door or you can choose a lift slide door. A lift slide door has multiple panels that slide over each other into a collapsed position.

Centor Integrated Sliding Door

Milgard Pocket Moving Glass Wall Door System

Close-up of lift slide track on a Weiland door

Weiland Lift Slide Door System

How much do moving glass walls cost?

As with any home improvement project and custom home products, the price for a glass wall is going to vary. The material, hardware, number of panels, and cost of installation all affect the end price and of course, the price will also differ across manufacturers. 

Here is an example of a door we did on a Fort Worth lake house. The cost for a door like this, a 12 x 8 four-panel folding door, will cost about $11,500 including the cost of installation. To get a more accurate price for the type of door you want it’s best to reach out to a few contractors for an estimate.

(Photo Credit: Helen Painter Group Realtors(↗)

To explore some big door options check out our exterior doors selection.

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