What is the Best Glass Cleaner for Windows?

What is the Best Glass Cleaner for Windows?

Window cleaning might be one of the most thankless tasks out of all household chores there are but stains on window glass stand out just as much as all that dust on the entertainment center or on those hard to reach ceiling fans. 

Moreover, windows covered in a film of dirt, dust, splattered bugs, or water spots obstruct your views. Dirty windows also contribute to a dull interior caused by obstructed natural light.

So what’s the solution to this household problem? 

Using high performance cleaning products. The best ones wipe away residue, smudges, grime, and anything that’s blocking light.

Let’s dive in and get to know some highly recommended glass cleaners for windows, use the links below to jump ahead in this post.

What Is the Best Glass Cleaner for Windows?

Our Favorite Pair

Somaca Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner

Sold at a nominal price, this glass cleaner has proved it's worth over the last 50 years. Somaca Hi-Sheen is used to wipe out fingerprints, grime, dirt, grease and smudges from commercial as well as residential glass. When paired with the right cloth rags it doesn’t leave any blurs, streaks or rainbows. Our window and door technicians have this on hand at every installation site. 


Tool Box White Cloth Rags

We also use Tool Box White Cloth Rags, they're strong, soft, and don't fall apart. These cloth rags are packaged with 200 sheets per box, so, if you're buying for your home you'll have more than plenty. These extremely soft and absorbent rags are a must-have for window cleaning purposes, among many other household applications. To top it all off, these are soft on the hands and are made with 25% recycled fibers.

Other Recommendations

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

Highly recommended as the best overall cleaner by The Spruce↗ and Business Insider↗, the Windex Glass Cleaner is arguably the most trusted option in the market. It cuts through grease and grit with ease, courtesy of its tested-and-proven ingredient in Ammonia-D. Creating clear, streak-free glass that is free of all harmful bacteria, is what this glass cleaner thrives at. Generations over generations have trusted it for a versatile range of household uses. However, make sure to keep the solution away from your eyes, nose or mouth, and wear gloves while cleaning windows, as Ammonia-D isn’t the safest substance to make contact with.

Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

Placed as one of the top 10 ‘Best Glass Cleaners for a Streak-Free Finish’ by Real Simple↗, Method Glass and Surface cleaner is another great alternative. If you’re looking for natural cleaning products that are safe to be used around kids, pets and food, Method Glass and Surface cleaner is your best bet. It is almost entirely made using ingredients sourced from plants, making it non-toxic while also delivering exquisite results. The only so called ‘chemicals’ it consists of are potassium citrate, which is drawn out of corn sugars and ethanol, derived from sugar beets. Moreover, the bottles are 100% recyclable since they are made from plastic that is 100% recyclable.

How often should you clean your windows?


Unlike walls or household furniture, windows tend to stand out more when it comes to fingerprints, grime, and dust that usually builds up over time. It is a good practice to perform a thorough cleaning of all windows twice a year, at the very least. This frequency can be increased to four or five a year if you live in the metropolitans, in order to make up for the extra pollution.

While a ‘streak-free’ shine on the windows might not be the topmost task on the list, it makes sense when you have to fully enjoy the longer days and the lush views of the outdoors. Rather than hiding them behind the curtains when guests arrive, give them a good wipe down and let the sunshine in. The positive difference that natural light has on home interiors makes can only be cherished once you’ve experienced the true excellence of clean windows.


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