What's a Speakeasy Window?

What's a Speakeasy Window?

Looking for a way to make your entryway really stand out? A speakeasy window is a unique feature sure to make an impression on everyone who pays you a visit. By adding a speakeasy window, you can give your front door a distinctive prohibition-era charm, recalling the grit and glamour of the Roaring '20s. Read on to learn more about customizing your door with a speakeasy window. 

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What Is a Speakeasy Window?

A speakeasy window is a small window cut into a door at eye level. In the prohibition era, they were commonly used on the doorways to speakeasy bars, and a patron would often have to whisper a secret password through the window before being allowed to enter the establishment. 

Today, speakeasy windows are more often installed as a design element by homeowners who like their old-world character, but they're functional too. You might enjoy being able to peek through the window when someone is standing on your doorstep. Whether or not your guests will enjoy being asked for a secret password is another matter. 

Types of Speakeasy Windows

A wide variety of speakeasy styles and designs are available. Some are simply a door-within-a-door that opens inward at eye level. Most have glass, but some do not. Among those that do, clear glass is most common, but frosted glass is an option too. Some speakeasy windows don't actually open at all, but exist more for ornamental purposes.

A lot of the most popular speakeasy windows have metal bars in various configurations, often two vertical bars and two horizontal bars to mimic the look of authentic speakeasy doors from the 20s. These can be very simply or ornately designed, and are typically made either of wrought iron or flat black aluminum resembling wrought iron. You also have the option of so-called "faux speakeasies" which are just the bars without the window. 

Can I Install a Speakeasy Window on My Door?

It is possible to install your own speakeasy window, though it depends on what kind of door you have. They are easiest to install on wooden doors—and wooden doors are arguably where they look best—but can also be added to fiberglass doors. 

While you can certainly order a speakeasy window or even design your own and install it yourself, it's also possible to buy a door with a custom speakeasy window built in. Many door manufacturers, including one of our favorites, ProVia, offer optional door upgrades like speakeasy windows, faux speakeasys, and extra decorative elements like hinge straps and clavos. 

Pros and Cons of Speakeasy Windows

Of course, speakeasies are not for everyone, but if you're someone who loves old-world architecture and ambiance, they're a great option to consider. Of course, it's wise to take a bit of time to properly weight the pros and cons of a speakeasy window: 

  • Speakeasies are eye-catching and functional
  • Bars and locks provide security
  • Not all door types are compatible
  • Speakeasies are not recommended for cold climates

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