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Where to buy tempered glass windows

If you need to replace a broken tempered glass window sash or want to replace annealed glass windows with a tempered option, this is the post for you. 

Tempered glass windows are must-haves in many homes, especially in areas required by building regulations, but they can be expensive. Many homeowners seek tempered glass options because of their reputation for durability. However, most choose only to include tempered windows where they are required due to cost. Regardless of your budget, if you need tempered glass windows for your home, we can provide a few recommendations on where to buy tempered glass windows. 

Not sure if they're suitable for your home? Read on to learn when and where they are required.

Where to buy tempered windows for a house

Buying tempered windows for your home isn't any more complicated than purchasing regular windows. Where you buy the windows depends on what your goals are. 

1 - Did your glass break, and now you need new glass?

In this situation, you can contact a glass replacement company, and they can remove the broken glass unit and install a new one. If the window sash or frame were also damaged, you'd want a new window with tempered glass.

Learn more: Glass replacement vs window replacement

2 - You want to replace your tempered glass window, and the look of the window frame matters

It would be best if you considered speaking with a specialty window retailer. Some window retailers have access to a wide range of brands and window styles, making it easier to find a replacement window that looks similar to the other windows in your home. Getting tempered glass in made-to-order windows is easy; all you have to do is let your sales representative know what you are looking for. 

3 - You want to replace your tempered glass window, and the look of the new window frame doesn't matter

If your priority is getting a new window and the frame's look doesn't matter, you will have many options. DIYers, you can buy your windows at a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes. These are also the go-to for many repair contractors. You can also purchase your windows from a window retailer; however, most window retailers are in the custom window business, which means they don't have windows in stock. Window retailers usually sell made-to-order windows that take several weeks or months for a window to arrive. 

List of tempered glass window sellers in North Texas

Before we get into the list, I want to let you know that our company, Brennan Enterprises, does sell tempered glass windows. We are a window retailer with a wide selection of windows available, including windows that can be upgraded with tempered, laminated, or dissimilar glass. Now, we know we are not always the right shop for everyone, and as much as we'd like to be, that is OK. Below is a list of places where you can buy tempered glass or tempered glass windows. 

  • Binswanger Glass
  • Brennan Enterprises (that's us)
  • Glass Doctor
  • Lone Star Window & Glass
  • Other replacement window companies

Is tempered glass expensive?

Yes, compared to annealed glass, tempered is expensive. The main reason is a difference in manufacturing; tempered glass undergoes a special heat-strengthening process, and annealed glass is the base. 

Tempering the glass in the window will increase the price. The cost ultimately depends on the manufacturer and the size of the glass. It is not uncommon for the cost of the window to increase between 15%-50% after opting for tempered glass. 

Replacing broken tempered glass

If the tempered glass in your window breaks, try to identify the cause — sometimes it's obvious, but not always. If the window is under warranty, the manufacturer may provide replacement glass for free or at a discounted rate. As someone who likes to save money, checking the warranty is always my first recommendation. 

To file a claim for a window warranty, you'll need to know who made the window and when it was purchased. Most window companies will only replace your tempered glass windows if they only broke accidentally or due to a manufacturing defect. 

If a warranty claim isn't possible, search for a window company or home repairs team that can help. Your new tempered glass or windows will come from a glass replacement company, a window retailer, or a big box store. 

Do I need a tempered glass window, or is it optional?

Tempered windows are only required in specific applications, but homeowners sometimes want to temper additional windows. The only instance where I might recommend additional tempered windows is on windows facing a golf course. 

Section R308 of the International Residential Code↗ requires tempered glass to be used in hazardous locations. Please ask yourself the following questions to help determine if tempered glass is required. If any answers are YES, then tempered glass will be required. Also, be aware that some cities' requirements may be more strict than others. 

  1. Is the window larger than 9 square feet? 
  2. Is the bottom of the windows LESS than 1.5 feet from the floor? 
  3. Is the top of the window MORE than 3 feet from the floor? 
  4. Is the window within 3 feet of a door? 
  5. Is the window facing a hot tub, spa, or swimming pool?

Need visuals? Check out this resource from buildingcodetrainer.com↗.


Tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass, and while it is breakable, it also provides a more substantial barrier to entry. For some homeowners, the additional cost of tempering glass is not a deterrent, but for others, it is. Fortunately, the biggest concern is affording the tempered glass cost in areas where specialty glass is required. 

Regardless of where you live, you should be able to find the glass you need at a reasonable price point. If you don't live in the North Texas area, find tempered glass anywhere by searching for any company that sells glass or windows for houses. 

Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez
August 19, 2022
October 10, 2022


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