Which Patio Door Manufacturers are Best?

Which Patio Door Manufacturers are Best?

If you’re considering installing patio doors, there are a lot of things to consider. Factors such as which style of door to install, frame materials, how energy-efficient the doors are and the ways in which they open are important. So is the reputation of the manufacturers of the door.

So which manufacturer should you go with for your patio doors? Let’s take a look at some well-regarded patio door makers.


Milgard is a highly regarded manufacturer for windows and doors. They make sliding glass doors, French styles doors (in sliding, outswing and inswing styles) and stacking glass walls. These doors can be made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum, and they come in a variety of styles to fit your home’s style.

Many of these patio doors — including all aluminum models — are built with SunCoat® Low-E glass to maximize energy efficiency. Milgard patio home doors also come with a full lifetime warranty (including parts and labor). In fact, some also have coverage for broken glass.

NT Window

NT Window is a North Texas company that makes sliding patio doors, as well as garden doors. While NT Window doesn’t provide the wide selection of some other patio door manufacturers, the sliding doors they do make can be customized to have grids or large panes. Garden doors come n a variety of hinged patterns, and those doors feature oak wood grains.

As for colors, the frames for NT Window’s sliding doors come in almond and white, while garden doors have desert sand or cream white frames.

One of the most noticeable benefits of NT windows’ patio doors is the energy efficiency of the glass. Both sliding doors and garden doors are dual pane with Argon gas fills. These doors also feature Cardinal's LoE-366 glass, which is among the most energy-efficient glass materials on the market. As a result, very little solar heat or thermal energy is transferred through the glass. Energy bills can drop sharply after these doors are installed.

Andersen Windows & Doors

Andersen Windows makes a wide variety of gliding, folding and hinged patio doors. These offerings come in a wide variety of styles, frame materials and price ranges. Most of Andersen Windows’ product lines also feature interior wood options.

In truth, it’s difficult to list specific details of Andersen Windows’ patio door selection because many of the products can be fully customized to fit a specific home’s size and look. However, energy efficient features such as Low-E4® glass are available for many different types of Andersen Windows’ patio doors.

Most of Andersen Windows’ patio door products come with advanced hinge and locking systems. These features allow these doors to continue functioning well even after years of extended use. Andersen Windows’ warranties (20 years for glass and 10 years for non-glass parts) can also be transferred over to new owners when a home featuring Andersen Windows’ products is sold.

Which Manufacturer Is Best For Patio Doors?

All three of these manufacturers make long-lasting, stylish and durable patio doors, so each of them would be a great addition to your home. However, going with Andersen Windows for your patio doors is ultimately the best choice.

Andersen Windows has the widest and most customizable product selection for patio doors. The advanced functionality of door mechanics (such as locks and hinges) allows these doors to work well for a long period of time, and Low-E glass will help you save on your energy bill. The transferable warranty

Again, you can’t go wrong if you choose patio doors from Milgard, NT Windows or Andersen Windows. But if one manufacturer’s line is to stand above the others, Andersen Windows is it.

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