Who Makes Eagle Windows

Who Makes Eagle Windows

If you did a recent search online for "When did Andersen windows buy Eagle windows" you might be curious about who makes Eagle windows now. It's a question homeowners usually ask if they're in the market for new or replacement windows. The Eagle window company is a popular household brand acquired by the Andersen Corporation in May 2005. Twelve years later, Andersen rebranded it as the E-Series through the Andersen® Architectural Collection. While some window retailers and contractors call them Andersen Eagle Windows, let's explore the E-Series and why this line is highly ranked with homeowners. 

Who Makes Eagle Windows?

People usually ask who bought Eagle windows or what happened to Eagle windows when they're ready to remodel or fix a broken window. That's because homeowners might only replace their windows once. Hence, windows and doors from reputable brands like Eagle and Andersen are of the highest quality so you've probably had them for years. 

Because Andersen now owns Eagle, you can still shop with them for new windows and doors and replacement parts. Whether it's aluminum-clad windows and doors for commercial or residential use (new homes, remodeling), Eagle Windows and Doors has an exceptional line of premium handcrafted products to choose from. Their popular product line includes 11 different interior finishes, 7 exterior finishes, and 50 exterior color options. 

With 10 wood species, choose from premium interiors like African mahogany, pine, hickory, walnut, maple, cherry, or oak. There's also a wide array of glass, trim, finishes, shades, blinds, and lights to add the perfect finishing touches to your new build or remodeling project.

What Type of Windows Does Eagle Make?

Are you looking for replacement windows or Eagle windows parts? Eagle by Andersen has so many design choices to select from. Because you can customize your products, the possibilities are endless. Let's explore a few.

  • Talon retrofit windows and double-hung windows include clad aluminum exteriors. These have sashes that slide up and down for maximum ventilation. There are also 50 complementary colors to choose from
  • For traditional styles, consider push-out awning windows. Their stainless steel hinges make them versatile and durable. They open up to 60-degrees and can include a retractable and hinged screen for unobstructed viewing. 
  • Water-resistant casement windows are also a preferred choice. Because they open to the left or right, they're ideal for busy kitchens. Select any wood finish or species, and pick the size or shape you want. Don't forget the optional insect screen (when you're kitchen's abuzz during all that holiday baking).
  • Featured bay and bow windows project outward and are visually appealing especially as kitchen or dining room windows. There's plenty of space for your hanging plants to get maximum sun exposure. 
  • Awning windows are another favorite. They include the latest technology, VeriLock® which are wireless security sensors. Let in that afternoon breeze, lower your energy costs (and keep your family safe). 

Eagle Window Warranty

If you're wondering who is the number one window manufacturer, Andersen is one of the best window brands. They offer Wintelligence®, an architectural design configuration tool that can help you create new windows online. That gives you full access to your window design from your first idea until final installation. But, what if you have older Eagle windows? Do you need Eagles window customer support for your warranty questions?   

Because Andersen now owns Eagle Window & Door, it's recommended that you contact Andersen about their warranties for Eagle windows or doors sold after 2009. Warranties typically range from 5-10 years while wood exteriors last about 10 years. If they don't, Andersen will repair or replace them. Hence, homeowners are usually quite satisfied with their windows when they leave comments in Eagle windows reviews. Talk about transparency!

Andersen's website also includes helpful tips on caring for your windows and doors and how to order Eagle windows and doors parts. They understand that customizing windows and finding replacement parts can help you have and maintain the home of your dreams. Because you can select any color scheme, design, shape, or wood pattern, that gives you more freedom. E-Series windows are also maintenance-free and water-resistant. Made from the highest quality products, it's no wonder people rarely replace their windows. They're made to last!

Come Home to Picture Perfect Views...Every Day!

If you are replacing your windows or shopping for new custom windows, Eagle Window & Door is now owned by Andersen. Referred to as the E-Series, it's a preferred choice for homeowners. The aluminum-clad windows come in a variety of colors and wood styles and you can customize the windows you want for the perfect dream home. Schedule a FREE estimate today!


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