Window Styles for Spanish Houses

Window Styles for Spanish Houses

Do you love your Spanish Style home? Do the charming features make you want to kick back, sangria in hand, in the foilage-adorned courtyard? If you're working on a renovation, or if you're tackling a new build, you'll soon need to choose your preferred window style. But selecting any random window styles can ruin your Spanish home's aesthetic and make it look mismatched and out of place. Instead, let the architectural form guide you in your decision. By doing this, you'll not only complete the look, but you'll avoid curb appeal disaster.

We guide you in your window style decisions when it comes to fitting out your Spanish style home. From majestic and expansive to modest and comfortable, we'll provide the window style to complete your home. 

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What is Spanish Style?

Several architectural styles have Spanish influences, but the common thread is their ability to endure dry and hot temperatures with their thick walls and local insulative materials. Spanish-influenced homes celebrate the cool of the evening with inviting courtyards, outdoor fireplaces, and potted plants. The various Spanish-type architectural styles include Adobe Revival Style, Monterey Revival, Territorial Revival, Pueblo Revival, Mission Revival, and Spanish Colonial Style. These styles do vary in small ways, as does the history and origin. 

A home classified as "Spanish style" usually refers to Spanish Colonial Architecture. This style arose in the early 20th century and displayed the themes from Spain's early American colonial settlements. Bertram Goodhue↗ was the most prominent architect of this style. Goodhue launched the architectural style at the Panama-California Exposition with the California Quadrangle Building↗ design in 1915. 

The  Spanish Colonial-style is more ornate than Pueblo Revival and Mission Revival styles, adopting some Spanish Baroque decoration and Moorish Revival architecture. 

Characteristics typical of a Spanish Colonial home include:

  • Local materials used to create walls - stucco, adobe, or mudbrick
  • Today's Spanish style homes use modern building materials with stucco exteriors
  • The exterior is often left unpainted, or it'll have a neutral color palette
  • Clay or terracotta roof tiles on a low pitched roof
  • Carved wooded doors
  • Round arch openings around windows, porches, and entryways
  • Use of columns, especially on porches
  • Decorative features of Moorish, Gothic, Byzantine, or Renaissance design
  • Multi-paned windows
  • Balconies or terraces
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Exposed wooden beams, or vigas.

Spanish Colonial style homes are typical in places surrounding its origin, California. However, you'll also find your perfect Spanish home in Florida or spread around the U.S.

Windows for Spanish Style Houses

It's normal for a variety of specialty and casement windows to appear in Spanish-style homes. French casement windows are quintessential for this style, typically in a tall and narrow orientation. Horizontal panes and grilles often extend the full width of the casement window. 

  • French casement windows↗ consist of two casement windows, positioned side by side, with the cranks in the middle. Casement windows open on a side hinge, outwards. Separate casement windows are also used in this style. 
  • Accent (specialty) windows, such as arched casement windows or arched picture windows, are prominent in Spanish style homes. Quatrefoil or round windows, with or without trim, can also create an accent window above a gable or elsewhere.

Arched framing with ceramic tiles or woodwork is popular with Spanish styles. Iron bars can also be seen in this style for exterior decoration or added security. While practical, decorate features such as scrolls, ball castings, or spear toppings add an elaborate touch to security bars.

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Featured Property

A beautiful Allan Construction project gives us a great modern example of a Spanish home. The Montecito Spanish Colonial remodel↗ displays many of the typical Spanish home characteristics. With its low red roof tiles, the presence of Mayólica tiles on the steps, balcony, and that slick arched doorway, you're immediately drawn to the coolness of the patio and greenery surrounding it. 

Spanish Style Home 

Spanish style homes offer the perfect retreat in the heat of summer. By pure design, this architectural style is energy efficient and tolerates humid temperates. You can further insulate your home from the heat and harmful UV rays by opting for high performance insulating glass

A trustworthy window retailer can help you navigate your window style or insulation options so that you can make the best choice for your Spanish-style home.


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