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Door Innovations specializes in transforming living space with exterior moving walls that merge the comforts of the interior with the beauty of the outdoors. As an early pioneer in manufacturing Bi-Fold doors in the United States, Door Innovations knows a thing or two about taking the open-space-design-concept and expanding the possibilities with our products. Whether its wood, clad, all-aluminum or fiberglass, their door systems are made to order and can be customized in a variety of materials and colors to fit almost any architectural application and budget.

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Door Innovations Wood Folding Door

Door Innovations, formerly Weathertight, manufactures beautiful solid wood folding doors. Choose from standard Fir panels or a specialty wood like Mahogany.

Door Innovations Fiberglass Folding Doors

Fiberglass doors are Door Innovation's most popular door style. Fiberglass folding doors are lightweight, low-maintenance, and an economical choice.

Door Innovations Aluminum Clad Folding Doors

Clad doors combine the weather resistance of aluminum on the exterior with a versatile wood interior.