Andersen E Series Bay Window Installation Video

Andersen E Series Bay Window Installation Video

OK, on this project, we did a little bay window here, Andersen E-Series product. It's extruded aluminum clad, powder coated aluminum exterior wood interior. On this one, we actually-- it's a maple interior. Willie's finishing up the exterior.

OK, so in this bay window configuration, the two flanker windows on each side are casement windows. You can see-- this one's open. And it's actually-- they've got a piano hinge. You can see here. There's the piano hinge. And we'll kind of show you how that works, why it's different than another hinge type on a casement.

So there's the casements. This one in the middle here, it's called a-- it's a direct set picture window. So with wooden windows, there's either a direct set, or a sash set. This one is a direct set, basically meaning the glass is glazed inside of the window frame. So that's what that means.

These have the 7/8 inch contemporary SDL grid. So, in some of our other videos, we've gone over these, where they have the chamfer or the colonial grid profile. This is a contemporary profile. It's more squared, blocky. Nice cleaner, squared off look. So that's the grids, and we'll go over here and look at this casement over here. So yeah, that's the exterior.

OK, and so here we have the interior of this bay window configuration. These have an unfinished pine-- or not, excuse me, not pine, unfinished maple interior, which I believe the customer is going to stain after we install it. But yeah. That's the interior configuration. So here's the interior SDL grid. So just like the exterior, we kind of have this more flat profile.

Let's see if we can get it to focus. Yeah, there we go. Contemporary 7/8, with a more flat profile. Looks a little nicer. And then, on these, these have the colonial-- or not the colonial. Forgive me. These have the contemporary glass stop. So this part right here butts up against the glass. It is kind of squared off, like the grids. The other profile kind of has a rounded, deco profile. It's a more traditional look. This is a more contemporary look, with the square.

So here's the hardware. We still haven't put the folding hardware on there. But I can kind of show you how these work. You unlock it, obviously, with the lever lock. And then you'll rotate this with the folding handle. We're opening it up.

So the windows have the piano hinge. So some other casements, when you open them, they kind of open out, and they kind of slide over. These have the piano hinge. So they open to the 90, right at the edge. They don't slide over at all. And that is an option. You can do a normal hinge or a piano hinge. On this one, we went with the piano hinge.

Let me get one last shot in here. So again, these are the Andersen E-Series windows. It's a bay window configuration we did. It's got this big picture window here in the middle. And then the flankers are two casements, with a maple interior.

And that's that. So that covers it for this project. If you like the video, please leave a comment, or give us a like or subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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