4 Texas Based Home Renovation Blogs You Should Be Following

4 Texas Based Home Renovation Blogs You Should Be Following

Here's a fun fact: Brennan Enterprises loves being a part of the blogging community. We also enjoy sharing that love with readers and bloggers focused on our industry. (We love Texas, too. Although we may be a little biased.)

So when we stumbled across these four Texas-based, home remodeling blogs we knew it was time to spread the good news. (Especially to all of our fellow Texans!)

Whether you're in the process of a home remodel, planning to undergo one or simply love seeing how other people go through the process, the blogs listed below offer something for everyone. Home design trends, remodeling tricks, tips on keeping your sanity. They've got it all. Get inspired today!


It's Great To Be Home

Meet Liz. She's a former lawyer turned house flipper, who now makes a living with her husband transforming homes into beautiful, unique masterpieces. And the best part? She tracks each project on her blog with phase-by-phase photos and entertaining descriptions. 

She also has categories on a wide range of other topics, including decorating ideas; furniture makeovers; quick home improvement projects; remodeling and construction; curb appeal and outdoor upgrades; selling your home; and even a "Good to Know" section that outlines everything from removing cigarette smoke from wood furniture to throwing an awesome Oscars party for under $15. (There is even a recipe section. Who doesn't love food?)

For an all-encompassing look at the ins and outs of home remodeling, do yourself a favor by bookmarking It's Great To Be Home. You won't regret it. 


Design Crisis

Photographer, artist and home decorator Erin Williamson has taken quirky, personality-infused style to irresistible heights. The work showcased on her blog, Design Crisis, is as much a peek into Erin's creative mind as it is the homes she transforms. 

From weird artwork and funky accessories to rich colors and unexpected furniture pieces, this blog walks you through all the things that inspire and evoke creativity. 

And we aren't the only ones who can't get enough. Well-known home decorating hubs such as Apartment Therapy, Notcot, and Pop Sugar has featured Erin's projects, as well. But despite all the hype and fame, the Austin-native remains relatable and down-to-earth. Even the most uncreative of homeowners can find a dose of inspiration here. 


A Goode House

The love of life infused throughout this blog can make even the grumpiest of people have a change of heart. Stacey and Richard moved into their 1950s mid-century modern home after the previous owners (Rex and Ruth Goode, an adorable elderly couple) passed away. Allowing the home to be sold away was not an option for Stacey and Richard. They had an obligation to keep the Goode's joy and radiance alive within the home. 

Fast forward to 2014, and you can see for yourself what a transformation it has been. Stacey documents the renovation projects - interior and exterior - from start to finish with beautiful images and she also incorporates a "Fresh Friday" post each week where she shares a sneak peek of the fresh flowers she brought home that day. (Does that sound random? It is. But it's also surprisingly enjoyable.) And while the couple can't always be completing a renovation project, they do manage to slip in other entertaining blog topics, like art, music and anything inspiring.


Run To Radiance

This isn't your typical home remodeling blog. In fact, creator Tania describes it appropriately as a lifestyle blog. But the remodeling aspect certainly cannot be overlooked.

Tania walks her readers through the renovation of a 1900 square feet, fixer-upper home in East Dallas where she currently resides with husband Scott and their adorable furry friends. Each project is detailed with before and after pictures and funny insights into how she really felt about the "before" style. (For example, Tania writes, "Our kitchen used to be green. Like a bad green..." and "The living room used to be pretty scary. Dark, covered in wood-paneled walls and creepy carpet.")

Aside from the remodeling aspect, Tania also shares insight on food and drink, art projects, and outlooks on life - all entertaining and easy to read. 

What are your favorite home remodeling blogs? Share with us in the comments below!


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