6 DIY Home Decor Projects

6 DIY Home Decor Projects

There is nothing more rewarding than guests entering your home and immediately oohing and ahhing at how beautiful it is. Here are six small projects you can undertake to spark that sense of wonder in your visitors.

1. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Instead of the traditional bottles of soap in your kitchen or bathroom, use leftover mason jars or jam jars to create unique containers. To create this, use the finished top off an existing soap dispenser and fasten it to your mason jar. Or you can completely start from scratch and drill a hole into the tin lid of your mason jar, unscrew the top of a plastic soap bottle, and use epoxy to secure it to the mason jar lid.

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

2. Chalkboard Jars

Labeling items in your kitchen or around the home is a great way to stay organized. Unfortunately, once you choose to create elaborate organizing labels, if you don’t constantly have the item in stock, that container is essentially useless. In order to reuse these containers on a daily basis, use chalkboard paint when designing. This will allow you to change your mind about the item you want to keep in stock, while using fun colors and constantly creating new designs.

Chalkboard Jars

3. Expand Your Windows

If you’re looking to make your windows look twice as big, this tip is sure to do the trick. Typically, people buy curtains that perfectly fit the frame. Instead, purchase a curtain rod that extends far past the window frame on both sides and the top. Place your curtains at least 6 inches past the window creating the illusion that your windows extend far past their actual size. Placing your curtains directly in front of the windows reduces the amount of natural light that can flow into your home.

Dos and Don'ts of window treatments.

4. Window Pane Picture Frame

Don’t throw out your old window frames. Instead use this item in order to create a unique picture frames for your home. There are many creative possibilities for an old window pane. You can:

1. Blow up a favorite photo to place behind the glass 

2. Create a unique painting on top of the glass

3. Add handles to turn it into a serving tray

4. Paint the window pane using chalkboard paint to hang in the kitchen for lists or reminders

Recycle old window frames into something quirky and new like picture frames.

5. Decorate Old Bottles

If you have any wine bottles or other types of glass bottles laying around, don’t toss them. Instead, use them as the perfect decorations. Paint bottles in vibrant colors, dip them in glitter, use dyed glue to make neat designs or leave them plain. You can then use these bottles as simple table decorations, flower holders or even jewelry holders.

Take old glass bottles and turn them into decorative art.

6. Repurpose Old Wood

Use an old piece of plywood in order to make a jewelry holder, key holder or a place to hang your scarves or other small items. If you happen to have old drawer knobs lying around, this is a great time to finally make use of them. Otherwise, go to your nearest thrift store or the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore to find some vintage knobs to attach to your board.

Repurposed wood and door knobs for form and function.

Happy Decorating! If you are looking for more project ideas for your old doors and windows, head to our Pinterest page for inspiring projects.


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