8 Questions To Ask About Your Replacement Window Warranty
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8 Questions To Ask About Your Replacement Window Warranty

Embarking on the journey of replacing your windows is no small feat! This home improvement venture can enhance your home's energy efficiency, increase its value, and provide you with an upgraded aesthetic. However, before taking the plunge, you should understand an essential piece of the puzzle, the warranty of your replacement windows.

A comprehensive warranty can protect you from unexpected costs and stress. If you've already stumbled upon some warranty jargon that's hard to decipher, don't fret! Most of it is quite easy to untangle once you know what to look for.

1. What is actually covered by window warranties?

The first (and arguably the most crucial) question about your windows is to ask what is covered in your warranty. Some warranties might only cover the window itself, while others could extend to installation, labor, and even accidental damage. You're not alone if you've thought that a window warranty is a simple, one-size-fits-all document.

Not every window warranty is created equal, as some companies are even known to have excellent warranties compared to the competition. To navigate this, ask your provider for a detailed explanation of what the warranty covers. 

Remember, understanding the ins and outs of your window warranty can save you a significant amount of confusion down the line.

2. How long is the warranty valid?

The longevity of warranties can vary significantly depending on the window. Some warranties may offer 5 years of coverage, while others might extend it to a lifetime. But what exactly does 'lifetime' mean? Typically, a lifetime warranty means the expected life expectancy of the product itself. 

A lifetime warranty might sound reassuring, but remember to read the fine print. We’ve made a guide for understanding lifetime warranties, so you will be well prepared in no time!

3. Is the warranty transferable?

If you plan to sell your house sooner or later, a transferable warranty could increase the value of your property. But keep in mind that not all warranties offer this feature.

To navigate this: Ask your provider if the warranty is transferable, and if it is, understand the steps involved in transferring it.

4. Does the warranty include accidental glass breakage?

Life happens, and so do accidents. A stray baseball or an unsuspecting bird might lead to a broken window. If that happens, will your warranty cover it?

Be sure to ask your provider whether accidental glass breakage is covered. If it isn't, consider additional coverage.

5. What is the procedure for filing a claim?

If a window breaks or doesn't perform as expected, you should file a warranty claim. Depending on the warranty, the process can be straightforward. However, you should also prepare yourself for the possibility of it being a drawn-out affair.

To navigate this: Ask your provider to guide you through the claims process. Having this knowledge beforehand can make a difference if something goes wrong.

6. Are there specific maintenance requirements?

Some warranties come with a 'catch.' You must maintain your windows regularly, or your warranty becomes invalid. Luckily, window maintenance isn’t too tedious. For all of our window maintenance tips check below:

To navigate this: Ask about any maintenance requirements and ensure you're willing and able to adhere to them.

7. Does the warranty cover labor costs?

Occasionally, a warranty might cover the replacement part but leave out the labor costs associated with the replacement. These costs can add up, so knowing who's footing the bill is important.

To navigate this: Ask your provider whether the warranty covers parts and labor. Consider whether the extra cost is within your budget if it doesn't.

8. Is there a deductible for warranty work?

Some warranties come with a deductible that must be paid before work commences.

To navigate this: Make sure you ask your provider whether a deductible is part of the deal and, if so, how much it will cost.

June 07, 2023


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