Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series French Doors Review

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series French Doors Review

What is the difference between Andersen 200 and 400 Series patio doors?

Have you ever looked at so many doors they all start looking alike? Well, they’re not all the same! Even if they’re made by the same manufacturer. 

The most notable differences are in the details: colors, materials, styles, and optional features. The differences that aren’t visible to the eye are also important: quality ratings, energy ratings, pricing. 

In this article, we’ll compare two of Andersen’s four french door options, the 200 Series value door and their best seller the 400 Series Frenchwood. Select a link to jump to a section:

To view the product details of each of these products, use the links below. 

Andersen 400 Series Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door

Andersen 200 Series Hinged Patio Door

What is the difference between a french door and a patio door? 

Andersen is one of the biggest and best-known window and door manufacturers in the country. They offer a wide variety of products including lots of patio door options. 

Two of the most popular patio door styles are french doors and sliding glass doors (often broadly referred to as "patio" doors). These two options are also the most affordable. 

The difference between these styles is in their operation. Sliding doors (Andersen calls them gliding doors) operate on a horizontal track. Usually, there is one fixed panel and one active panel, the active panel has rollers along the bottom which allow it to slide horizontally along the track. French doors operate on vertical hinges so they swing in or out depending on how the door is made. 

In the building industry, we often use words and phrases interchangeably which can cause confusion when you’re doing your own research. 

The term “french doors” is often used to describe a set of doors that operate on hinges. “French doors” also describe a style of door panels that have taller bottom rails than top rails and side stiles. Sometimes you’ll run into double doors, double french doors, or french doors all describing the same product.  

Andersen’s 400 Series Frenchwood hinged patio door and 200 Series hinged patio doors would both be considered true french doors because both are designed to have tall bottom rails.

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors - Materials & Finishes

These doors are made from different materials and vary in the selection of finishes for the interior and exterior sides of the door panels.

Andersen 200 Series 

The 200 Series hinged patio door is made of fiberglass and features an insulated bottom rail. The frame of the door is clad with aluminum and the sill is made from anodized aluminum.

Finish options are slightly more limited in this series than in the 400 series. The interior is only available in White and the exterior is available in White, Sandtone, and Terratone. 

Andersen 400 Series 

The 400 Series hinged patio door is a wood door with vinyl exterior. The interior surface is available in unfinished pine, oak, or maple veneers. Exterior frame members are made of fiberglass composites and the sill is a three-piece construction made from Fibrex, solid oak, and extruded aluminum.

The interior of this door is available in the three unfinished wood veneers mentioned above (pine, oak, or maple) and in four exterior colors–White, Sandtone, Terratone, and Forest Green. 

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors - Hardware

Andersen offers a beautiful selection of hardware options for both of these series. The difference here is that stainless steel options are only available on 400 Series doors.

Hardware for Andersen doors is sold separately if you’re working with someone who has never worked with Andersen products make sure they order your hardware! You can’t use a door with no handle.

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors - Grilles

For homeowners who like the look of grilles on windows or doors, Andersen offers lots of classic pattern options for both of these series. If you like grilles and want a more modern design specified equal light patterns and custom patterns are also available but only on 400 Series doors.

Note: Grilles are sometimes referred to as grids.

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors - Configurations

Single-panel and two-panel configurations are available for both the 200 and 400 series hinged patio doors. Three-panel configurations are available on the 400 series Frenchwood door.

When ordering your door(s) you’ll start by choosing the number of panels you want. For single-panel doors, you’ll choose which side the hinge will be on (left-hinged or right-hinged). 

On door systems with multiple configurations, you’ll need to identify which panels you want to be active, stationary, or passive. Active panels and passive panels are both operable but the active panel is the one that will be used most often. Stationary panels are fixed.

Andersen 200 Series vs 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors - Cost

The total cost for each of these doors will depend on how you customize them. The number of panels, the type of glass, grids, and hardware. Installation is another variable cost. 

Generally though, considering comparable configurations, Andersen’s 400 Series is more expensive than the 200 Series.

Should I get inswing or outswing patio doors?

Both series are designed with inswing doors which means the doors swing into the home when open. The benefit of inswing doors is that the interior side of the door is protected from outside elements. Unfortunately, if you need to use this door while it’s raining you could end up with water from the surface of the door on your floors. However, that might be better than exposing the interior of your door to the rain.

What is the best patio door to buy?

That depends on your must-haves and your budget. As you can tell from the photos above, both door systems are beautiful but the 200 Series does have a few more limitations than the 400 Series.

If you love the look of a wood door and don’t mind some maintenance choose the 400 Series.

If you only need up to two-panels and don’t mind a White interior choose the 200 Series. 

Remember, Andersen also makes other hinged patio doors as well as sliding doors–you’ve got more options to consider if you haven’t checked them out yet.


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