Andersen E Series Replacement Window Review

Andersen E Series Replacement Window Review

Andersen’s E-Series gives you endless options. This series has over 9 window styles and over 50 color options. We’ll go over these features and more in this article.

Construction and Durability

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Sizes
  • Energy Efficiency

Style and Beauty

  • Styles
  • Grilles
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Tilt Sash
  • Colors

Value and Delivery

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Lead-time


  • Wood interior with an aluminum exterior

This series uses solid wood for the interior window sash and frames and uses aluminum for the exterior of the window. The aluminum cladding on this window is thicker than most aluminum and as such offers greater protection.


Andersen’s E-Series windows can be used for new construction or in replacement projects.


Double-hung windows are available up to 4’ wide and 7’6" high. Custom sizes are also available in 1/8” increments.

Gliding windows are available up to 8’ wide and 5’ high. Custom sizes are available in 1/8” increments.

Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is a commonly cited factor in deciding to replace residential windows. Most E-Series products meet ENERGY STAR® criteria. ENERGY STAR is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency aimed at protecting our environment and helping businesses and individuals save money by reducing energy-spending costs. Although not all E-Series products get the ENERGY STAR stamp of approval you'll still see an improvement in your annual energy spending. 

Three factors that affect your window's energy efficiency are the material, the glass package, and the installation.

The material on E-Series windows is wood and aluminum, although aluminum is usually ranked low for efficiency the wood helps boost performance. The material of the frame makes a bigger difference than of the cladding of the window in regard to energy efficiency. Although wood isn't perfect it is a great insulator and it outperforms both aluminum and vinyl. The aluminum cladding is more-so designed to protect the wood material from rot and warping.

The glass package also affects energy efficiency. Some window glass is simple and basically just keeps out the elements but superior glass options like Low-E glass have coatings designed to reflect heat and UV light but allow visible light to pass through. A good energy efficient glass package will keep heat out during the summer and keep heat in during the winter. 

The installation has a major effect on the quality of your energy efficiency. Usually, a bad installation is noticeable soon after the installation, problems years down the road are usually caused by other factors. Choosing a quality installer will ensure that you get the most secure installation which in turn will result in better energy savings because there will be fewer air leaks around the window. 


E-Series windows are available in 9 regular styles plus 25 specialty shapes.

Double-Hung + Awning + Push Out Awning + Casement + French Casement + Push Out Casement + Gliding + Specialty + Picture + Bay and Bow

Andersen E-Series Double-hung windowAndersen E-Series Awning Window

Andersen E-Series awning push-out windowAndersen E-Series casement window

Andersen E-Series French Casement WindowAndersen E-Series Casement Push Out window

Andersen E-Series Gliding windowAndersen E-Series Specialty Shape Window

Andersen E-Series Picture windowAndersen E-Series Bay and Bow style window


Grilles, or grids, are decorative pieces on your glass. Most grilles are designed to give your window a more traditional look. Standard grille patterns create a grid-like look. Some grilles cover the entire height of the window and some are just take up a portion, usually one or two rows on the top part of the window. With the E-Series, you can create any kind of grille pattern that pleases you, from a traditional pattern to something unique for your home.

There are several options for grille placement and each has a major effect on the final look of the window so you’ll want to be sure about what you want before you order your windows.

Full Divided Light

  • They give your window the most authentic look with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window as well as an aluminum spacer between the sheets of glass. The spacer creates the full illusion that there are individual panes of glass instead of one sheet.
    Andersen Full Divided Light Window Grilles

Simulated Divided Light

  • This option is similar to the Full Divided Light with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window. The exterior grille is permanent and the interior grilles can be permanent or removable. There is no divider between the glass on this option.
    Andersen Simulated Divided Light Window Grilles

Removable Interior Grille

  • This grille is secured on the interior side of the window so you can remove it when you want to clean your full window.
    Andersen Removable Interior Window Grille

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

  • This option places the grilles between the panes of glass making it easy to clean the exterior and interior sides of the window glass.
    Andersen Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass


Andersen offers its highest performing glass packages for this series including Low-E4 and Triple-Pane glass.

Andersen Glass Options table


Hardware Finishes

Andersen E-Series Window Hardware Finishes. 10 Finishes: Antique Brass; Black; Bright Chrome; Oil Rubbed Bronze; Satin Chrome; Pewter; White; Polished Brass; Gold; Bronze

Hardware for Awning and Casement Windows

Regular awning and casement windows are equipped with Crank Handle & Operator Cover hardware.

Andersen E-Series crank handle hardware for awning and casement windows.

Hardware for Push Out Awning Windows and Push Out Casement Windows

Opening and closing push out windows is easier and requires less effort to open so with these window styles are equipped with Lock Handles.

Andersen E-Series push out window hardware

Hardware for French Casement Windows

For the French casement window, Andersen installs a Crank Handle & Operator Cover, which is the same for the awning and casement windows but also adds a French Casement Lock.

Andersen E-Series crank handleAndersen E-Series French Casement Window lock hardware

Hardware for Double-hung Windows

There are two hardware styles available for double-hung windows, the Lock and Keeper and the Sash Lift – both are beautiful options.

Andersen E-Series double-hung window hardware - lock and keeperAndersen E-Series double-hung window hardware - lift

Hardware for Gliding Windows

For E-Series gliding windows you can choose between Flush Mount Sash Lock hardware or Finger Pull hardware both of which are similar to the options of the double-hung windows.

Andersen E-Series Gliding Window Hardware - Flush Mount Sash LockAndersen E-Series Gliding Window Finger Lift Hardware

Tilt Sash

A tilt sash option isn’t available on all windows but it is available as an option for the Double-hung window in the E-Series. The tilt sash makes cleaning the window a quicker and easier process. This is a very beneficial feature to homeowners because the thought of cleaning windows can sometimes be daunting, especially if you plan on a good thorough cleaning. Remember, cleaning your windows is part of your window maintenance and can help you spot any problems with the glass or frame.

Andersen E-Series Tilt Sash 

Exterior Colors

Andersen E-Series Exterior Colors - neutrals 

Andersen E-Series Exterior Colors - browns to reds

Andersen E-Series Exterior Colors Cool colors

Andersen E-Series Exterior colors - blues to gray

Andersen E-Series Exterior Colors - anodized colors

Interior Finishes

Interior Wood Options (Available Unfinished or Stained)

Andersen E-Series Interior Wood Options

Factory-Finished Stain Options

Andersen E-Series Factory-Finished Stain Options

Painted Interiors

Andersen E-Series Painted Interior Colors 



The E-Series is a part of Andersen’s luxury line of products and has the most options for shapes, colors, and window hardware. In a situation where there are limited options you can mix and match from different series or brands but with Andersen’s E-Series there’s absolutely no need because you can get every window you need from the same series. 


Andersen's E-Series windows are protected by Andersen's Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranty


The lead-time for E-Series products is 5-6 weeks.

You can find more details about Andersen's E-Series and other Andersen window or door products on our website. If you'd like to read more about some of Andersen's product lines or comparisons check out some of the related posts below. 


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