Are Steel Front Doors Right for Texas?

Are Steel Front Doors Right for Texas?

No matter what type of construction project you're taking on, you need to know that building materials react to changes in weather. For example, windows, which have lots of components, expand and contract in response to changes in temperature. Expansion and contraction will increase and release pressure on the window glass, when the glass and window sash are reacting at different rates it can lead to problems. Fortunately, doors aren't as complicated as windows but they do react to changes in weather. The more weather-resistant or weather-appropriate they are, the better. What kind of door is right for your climate zone? Are you interested in steel doors? We'll tell detail the pros and cons of steel doors in this post. 

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The Value of Choosing the Right Front Door

To get the most value of your front door it needs to hold up against the regular use and outside factors like changes in temperature, wind, rain, and sun. Here in North Texas, we get a lot of heat but for the most part we are in a fairly temperate part of the country. Consider the direction your door will be facing and how exposed it is before you choose a door style or material. 

Like windows, doors also experience contraction and expansion—too much contraction and expansion can cause problems when the door has insulated glass it can also affect the ease of opening and closing your door. When doors expand they fit more tightly within the door frame making it harder to open and close. Some doors can hold moisture and others can become too hot to touch. 

So how do steel doors hold up? Find out in the following sections. 

What are Steel Front Doors?

Steel exterior doors are sometimes called hollow steel doors because the steel is made as a shell and the interior core is filled with a material that insulates the door. Not all steel doors are the same, to understand how steel doors are constructed it's best to look at the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Doors will vary in size, style, the material used in the core, and the type of metal used for the shell. In general, steel doors have a reputation for being secure, unbreakable, water resistant, and fireproof. That's all good and well but are steel front doors right for Texas homes? Are they the right fit for your home?

Are Steel Front Doors Right for Texas?

It is essential to consider the climate in your area and the location of your steel door. Steel doors will work in Texas climates and they're well suited for climates with severe weather like lots of rain and high winds but you'll want to keep them shaded. Metal surfaces can get very hot so your steel door will work best in an area where it can get some shade and be out of the sun's way, this will also prevent color fading. 

Compared to wood, steel doors are a good longterm investment especially in wet climates. Steel doors are more weather-tight and won't experience rot that can damage the door and surroundings. Check out the pros and cons list below to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of steel front doors.

Pros and cons of steel front doors

  • Steel does not warp, expand, or contract with temperature changes.
  • It does not wear with extra humidity.
  • Steel is one of the most durable materials for a door and provides the most secure front door material currently available.
  • The construction of a steel door makes it highly energy-efficient.
  • Steel is low-maintenance since the exterior is synthetic and doesn't often need treatment to increase its longevity.
  • These doors are highly customizable if you want them to be more decorative.
  • With a lot of intense sunlight, steel tends to get very hot since it is highly conductive.
  • Steel is extremely durable but it is susceptible to surface damage like denting.
  • In climates with high amounts of humidity, steel might begin to rust. (There are metal options available that should not rust.)

Steel doors can be an excellent choice for homeowners who want more durability and less maintenance than a traditional wooden door. In Texas, they can be a good addition to your home's exterior. However, you will want to watch out if the area around your front door is in direct sunlight. Your door can heat up and be dangerous if not covered in the right kind of protective coating. 


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