Best Folding Door Companies

Best Folding Door Companies

Folding doors are great for homeowners who enjoy entertaining and those who love spending their time outdoors. Have a California room? This door system is perfect for you.

Keep reading to learn about five of the best folding door brands. 

5 Best Folding Door Brands

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Door Innovations


Andersen is America’s premier window and door manufacturer. The quality of craftsmanship that made them the most trusted brand of windows and doors is also found in their folding doors.

While Andersen offers several big door options, they only offer one folding door. It is a highly customizable outswing folding door constructed with an aluminum exterior and wood interior.

  • 2 panel style options
  • 50 exterior color options
  • 7 exterior anodized finish options
  • Custom colors, interior woods and stains available
  • 2- to 16- panel configurations

Photo Credit: Andersen Windows & Doors

Visit Andersen’s website(↗) to learn more or check out our dedicated Andersen Outswing Folding Door page.

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Centor is a leader in folding door manufacturing, they are also the leading supplier of folding door components in the UK, Europe, and North America. Centor “invented the world’s first weather-sealed bifold system that allowed folding doors to be used externally for the first time, designed screen systems for large openings and produced the award-winning Centor Integrated Door” (Centor(↗)).

Choose between a wood interior and aluminum exterior or aluminum interior and exterior then customize to your liking.

  • Wood interiors are available in 5 unfinished options or primed for paint
  • 10 standard aluminum finishes
  • Aluminum finishes can be matched to other manufacturer’s colors
  • Concealed hardware
  • Up to 30-foot wide openings

Photo Credit: Centor

Visit Centor’s website(↗) to learn more or check out our dedicated Centor Integrated Folding Door page.

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Door Innovations

This Houston, Texas company is one of our go-to manufacturers for folding doors. Door Innovations, formerly Weathertight™, is known for offering luxury doors at an affordable price. 

Door Innovations offers fewer finishing options than Andersen and Centor but it offers five options for materials: fiberglass, thermally broken aluminum, non-thermally broken aluminum, wood, or wood interior with aluminum cladding.

  • Fiberglass, wood, and aluminum panel options
  • 3- to 16-panel configurations
  • Up to 48-ft wide openings
  • Fast production lead times

Photo Credit: Door Innovations

Visit Door Innovations' website(↗) to learn more or check out our dedicated Door Innovations Doors page.

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Kolbe is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of premium windows and doors. For over 70 years Kolbe has delivered quality products and expanded its product offerings and reach.

Kolbe offers three folding door options, one is a solid wood door and two have wood interiors and extruded aluminum exteriors. These doors are highly customizable and available in 90º or custom angle configurations.

  • Custom angle configurations
  • Fluoropolymer, anodized, and mica exterior colors
  • Custom colors available
  • Over 12 wood species options
  • Several interior stain and paint options

Photo Credit: Kolbe Windows & Doors

Visit Kolbe’s website(↗) to learn more.

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LaCantina is known for its specialty doors. For over 20 years, LaCantina has continually refined its products offering a range of large folding, sliding, and hinged door systems.

LaCantina folding doors are available in multiple material options making it possible to build the perfect bifold door for any climate.

  • Material options available: aluminum, thermally controlled aluminum, aluminum wood, contemporary clad, wood, vinyl
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Up to 20 panels
  • Standard, premium, and custom color options

Photo Credit: LaCantina Doors

Visit LaCantina’s website(↗) to learn more.

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Folding doors are a big investment. One of these door systems will replace your wall so it’s important to feel confident in the door you choose and the team that will install it. Find the right door by visiting your nearest dealer.

For folding door sales and installation in North Texas that might be us, Brennan Enterprises. Explore our product pages to learn more about the folding doors we offer


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