Best Windows for Two-Story Homes

Best Windows for Two-Story Homes

It's safe to say that building a home comes with its challenges. Homeowners need to make many considerations, and any delay in their decision-making can hold up the process. Being prepared and confident in upcoming choices is wise.

When choosing the best window style for your two-story home, there is a lot to consider: How will they be cleaned? What is safe for the family? What will last and be effective through the seasons? 

Keep reading as we answer these questions and point you towards a window style that has stood the test of time. 

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Best Windows for Two Story Houses

Double Hung Windows are a firm favorite for two-story homes. Traditional architectural styles, as well as modern styles, make use of sash windows. From the 1700s Georgian architecture to American Shingle styles and romantic Farmhouses, double-hung windows have made sense in various historical structures. 

Double-hung windows, also known as sash windows, are windows with two operable parts that move vertically on a track by sliding upwards and downwards. 

The advantages of double-hung windows are:

Easy Maintenance

Many modern double-hung windows have a tilt-to-clean design that allows you to wipe the window surface's interior and exterior with minimal effort. This function is an appealing feature for second stories. No more shaky ladders or long window-cleaning devices; instead, you simply unlatch the window sash, tilt it inwards, and wipe. 

This is low maintenance compared to other window options such as sliding windows, single sash, or casement windows requiring special cleaning instruments and acrobatics. 

Works for Egress

Egress windows are windows that are large enough to exit in the event of an emergency. Wide double-hung windows have large openings that can allow adults, children, and furbabies to exit safely. They are easy to open and provide the perfect escape in a fire or other critical situation. 

Controlled Ventilation

With two operable sashes, you get greater control of airflow and, therefore, ventilation in your home. Both sashes can be open at once, allowing warm air to escape the top while a cool breeze enters through the bottom. Double-hung windows can also open from the top sash only. This way, you'll have a wide-open expanse while keeping the bottom secure.

Does Not Swing Out 

If trees surround your home, double-hung windows will not hit branches or slam shut with the breeze. 

Considerations for Installing Windows in Two Story Houses

Custom double-hung windows are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, configurations, and materials. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing windows for the second floor:

Weight, Size, Shape

  • A complicated installation will be more expensive than a simple fitting. Large windows are heavy, fragile, and tricky to maneuver to the second floor. Frame material, glass quality, and the addition of grids can all play a role in making windows heavier. 
  • Hung windows are usually rectangular with squared corners. This shape makes them easier to carry than specialty shape or oversized picture windows.


Once again, consider emergency exits in various places in the home. Sash windows work in any room and create an easy exit if the interior door is an unsafe option.

Choosing Windows for Dormers and Below the Roofline

Dormer windows are located on the slope of a roof and provide natural lighting for lofts or attics. The window often has a little roof of its own and juts out from the home roof structure. Double-hung windows are an excellent option for this space as ventilation is essential. When opened, this window style does not affect the home's curb appeal's aesthetic, and the look is still seamless.

Windows placed on the gable (below the roofline) can be more playful as they are used for additional lighting, not for ventilation. Fixed picture windows in various shapes, such as geometric shapes and rounded circles, can be considered. The use of art glass or custom grille patterns can create a unique decorative window for this out-of-reach section of your home.

Final Thoughts

Double-hung windows have a timeless look, but they are also incredibly versatile. You can customize them according to your preferences. Colors, grilles, shapes, trim styles, and profiles are among the many ways that you can still add some personal flair to your home's windows. 


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