Centor Doors Awards

Centor Doors Awards

The Centor↗ company has been designing door and window systems since 1951. Today, we recognize them as one of the biggest names and pioneers in inside-outside living design. Centor has long believed in connecting people with the outside world and this mission is visible in the design of their weather-sealed bi-folding door system. 


Below is a list of awards Centor has received since 2006 in recognition of design and business success:

Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best - S4 Screen and Shade
Germany, 2019

German Design Award: Gold
Germany, 2017

Architizer A+Awards Special: Mention
USA, 2017

Red Dot Design Award Winner - 205 Integrated Folding Door
Germany, 2015

Good Design Award: Business Model Design
Australia, 2015

Good Design Award: Product Design
Australia, 2015

Dobry Wzór (Good Design): Finalist
Poland, 2015

Queensland Export Awards: Environmental Solutions Finalist
Australia, 2015

Build It Awards: Best Glazed Doors
UK, 2014

Grand Design Magazine: Loves
UK, 2013

E&Y Northern Region: Product Winner
Australia, 2010

Queensland Export Awards: Winner
Australia, 2010

Lord Mayor's Award: IBM Award for Business Innovation
Australia, 2010

Australia TradeCoast: Business Growth Award
Australia, 2010

DesignEx: New Product Award
Australia, 2010

AWA Design Awards: Most Innovative Component
Australia, 2010

Q400: Global Star Award
Australia, 2008

Telstra National Awards: AMP Award for Innovation
Australia, 2008

Telstra Queensland Awards: Business of the Year
Australia, 2008

Telstra Queensland Awards: AMP Award for Innovation
Australia, 2008

Telstra Queensland Award: Panasonic Medium Business
Australia, 2008

Crystal Achievement Award: Best Door Component, S1 Screen
USA, 2008

Queensland Export Awards: Winner
Australia, 2008

Chamber of Commerce: Export Excellence Award
Australia, 2008

Designbuild: Best Product Award
Australia, 2006

Crystal Achievement Award: Best Door Component, Folding Hardware
USA, 2006


Centor holds international patents for developments in doors, screens, and hardware. Patents are awarded for "first of kind" devices or processes. In addition to recognition for its integrated door systems, Centor is known for manufacturing folding door hardware that's used by other door brands. 

Made in America

Centor doors and screens are made-to-order. This Australian company is a global force that manufactures and distributes from five regions around the world. Doors ordered in the U.S. are produced at Centor's factory↗ just outside of Chicago. 

To provide the best quality products at all times, Centor's teams work collaboratively with Engineers and Designers at the Product Design Centre in Australia. 

Meeting Quality Standards

  • State-of-the-art Italian CNC machines for fabricating aluminum and wood profiles
  • Responsibly sourced materials to reduce impact on the environment
  • Industry-leading paint process
  • Expert door assembly

The Products

Doors and Windows↗

Screens and Shades↗

Architectural Hardware Systems↗

Centor® Integrated Folding Doors

The world's first and only truly integrated door, featuring concealed hardware and built-in insect screens and shades for full control of privacy, sunlight, insects and airflow year round.

See Centor® Integrated Folding Doors at Brennan.

Centor® Integrated Sliding Doors

Centor integrated sliding doors bring together stunning design and fingertip performance with doors that are beautiful from the inside out.

See Centor® Integrated Sliding Doors at Brennan.

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July 13, 2021


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