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Don Young Aluminum Windows Review

If you're looking for an aluminum window that will stand the test of time, look no further than Don Young Aluminum Windows. The Don Young brand has been manufacturing aluminum windows that are a perfect balance of comfort, security, and style since 1978. 

Specifically, Don Young Company (DYC) is better known for being an industry leader in producing energy-efficient windows, making it a staple choice among our customers in North Texas. In this piece, we will take you through DYC aluminum windows, what they are made of, styles and designs, costs, and why they stand out. 

Don Young Aluminum Windows Review 2022

DYC windows are incredibly strong and don't chip, warp, or bend, even with years of use. DYC also insulates its windows with thermal pacers both inside and outside the frame to help reduce conductivity. These windows don't fade even under harsh conditions like sweltering summer heat, frosty winter nights, or extreme UV exposure. And if rusting is your primary concern, this brand has you covered. They powder-coat their windows to ensure the surface remains rust-free, sparkling, and easy to clean. The best part is that these windows come in various finishes to match the theme and architectural designs of different homes. 

DYC Aluminum Windows, Rolled or Extruded?


DYC windows are made from extruded aluminum for various reasons. Unlike rolled windows, extruded aluminum has a thicker gauge that is often 10 times stronger and more durable than rolled aluminum. This means that it will not dent easily, which is an issue with other types of window frames. Furthermore, the thickness of extruded aluminum makes it more resistant to warping and cracking over time.

Are DYC Aluminum Windows Made for Replacement or New Construction

Don Young makes both windows for new construction and replacement windows. The brand takes pride in flawless manufacturing, and you may not know the difference between the two types of windows. Replacement windows are designed to fit in existing openings (sometimes called "in-frame" or "in-sill"). New construction means installing new frames with new sills and jamb extensions. DYC has windows to match all these requirements. 

Are DYC Aluminum Windows Energy-Efficient?

The DYC aluminum patio door is ENERGY STAR® qualified and meets or exceeds Federal Energy Efficiency Standards for new homes. They have a 3.8 R-Value, which will keep your home 39% warmer in the winter months and 35% cooler in the summer months.

What Styles are DYC Aluminum Windows Available In?

The DYC aluminum window is available in a variety of styles: single-hung, double-hung, and casement


Single Hung

The single-hung window has a bottom sash that swings out and up. This style of window is commonly used for sliding glass doors as well.

Double Hung

The double-hung window has two sashes that can be opened by lifting the lower sash or pushing on the upper sash. This style of window is commonly used for sliding glass doors as well.


The casement style has hinges on one side and opens outward. It can be opened like a door or using an internal crank handle. This style of window is commonly used for sliding glass doors as well.


The sash slides horizontally on top of a stationary lower pane. This style is best used in kitchens or bathrooms where high humidity can cause problems for other styles.

Storm window

The storm window is designed to keep out insects and debris while allowing fresh air to flow through it. It's ideal for areas with high winds or frequent inclement weather. Storm windows are not as common since double-pane window glass is now the standard for windows. 

Are DYC Aluminum Windows Available in Custom Sizes?

DYC understands the needs of its customers nationwide. So they manufacture made-to-order windows to match specific styles and preferences. DYC aluminum windows are available in:

  • standard sizes: 24"x36", 32"x40", 36"x48" and 40"x54" (all widths are measured horizontally),
  • taller than standard windows: 50"x60", 54"x68", and
  • custom sizes: DYC manufacturers any size within reason

Are DYC Aluminum Windows Available with Grids?


Yes, you can find different DYC aluminum windows with grids of your specifications. The grid is the part of the window used to control the amount of light that gets into your room. You can choose from various grids depending on what you are looking for.

Don Young Aluminum Window Colors

DYC windows are available in five color options including silver, bronze, tan, white, and black.

Are Don Young Aluminum Windows Covered by a Warranty?

Yes, DYC provides a limited lifetime warranty for all their aluminum windows. If any part of the window fails because of the manufacturer's defect, they will fix or replace it at no charge. The warranty is also valid as long as you live or own your house. 

Aluminum Windows For a Lifetime Protection 

Choosing DYC windows is a bold step towards making your home a better place to live. They are durable, energy-efficient, easy maintenance, weather-resistant, and design flexible. Interested in aluminum windows for your Texas home? Contact our team to schedule a consultation where we'll come out and measure your windows for an accurate estimate.


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