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Exploring the Latest Door Trends

Changing up the doors in your home can make a big difference. Whether it is the front entrance doors you are looking at replacing or even interior doors, updating the doors in your home can be a great improvement. With so many stylistic options, it can be hard to figure out which one would be best suited for your home.

In this post, we'll go over several different door styles, including:

Minimalist Design

Minimalistic doors have few features and should be uncluttered. The lines stay clean, simple, and defined, giving the door a sleek aesthetic. The finishes are often a non-contrasting color to sit cleanly in the walls around it without creating a visual pop from the door against the rest of the home.

The design for a minimalistic door typically fits with a sleek, modern home. Often the colors are a single shade of wood stain, grey, black, or simple glass panes that might form clear, distinctive shapes. The lack of lines cluttering the door gives it a polished look and feel to go into a contemporary home design.



Natural Materials

For many years, there has been a push towards 'new and improved' synthetic materials. Now the trends both inside and out are moving back towards natural, earthy materials. For doors, this means wood, particularly wood with warm tones to look natural and more inviting. Darker tones are often more suited to modern home designs whereas lighter and warmer-toned wood stylistically suit traditional and rustic design styles. 

Wood can also be used in more bohemian aesthetics as well as functional accent pieces in a sleeker, metal-and-glass exterior build. Another way to customize wood doors to a home's aesthetic is the grain of the wood. Naturally, trees have different grain textures that can give the wood a more rustic feel or make it more eye-catching in a contemporary home.


Statement Doors

Statement doors are supposed to be eye-catching in a way that immediately says something about your home and style choices. They are often either made with vibrant colors, have a distinctive array of architectural features, or both depending on the volume of the statement to be made. Often, one of the keys to a statement door is having a home who's entrance is something you want highlighted as a feature. 

Architectural features may be the material choices used for the door, such as using a mixture of metal, glass, and wood. It could be additional metalwork overlaid on the door, interesting glass shapes or designs as part of the doorway, or simply a bright, unexpected color in comparison to the house itself.


Glass Doors

Glass doors are another more classic style choice that has been used for decades in all kinds of home aesthetics. Doors that include glass in their design may often only be partially made of glass, be the back door of a home, or be one of two sets of doors into the primary part of the house as glass alone is one of the less secure door options.

Glass doors with dark metal inlays are a frequent choice for contemporary, modern homes as some of their primary features include clean, straight lines that allow for visual access through the home to appear uncluttered and minimalistic. Glass doors help further this visual creation of space. 

Glass doors are also used to create a traditional home aesthetic, particularly with opaque glass in the center of an otherwise wooden or synthetic frame. They are also used in this context and in a more rustic aesthetic as the material for a back patio door, making these parts of the house seem larger by allowing visual access to the outdoors.


Smart Doors

Smart doors don't have a specific aesthetic as smart features can be programmed into the majority of door materials. If you are looking for a higher level of security, they are often made from metal, sometimes with a wooden overlay to suit your aesthetic. 

These doors are technologically advanced with helpful features programmed into them to keep the entryway to your home or office more secure than what a traditional key-and-lock allows. Some of their features may include keyless entry, remote control access, passcodes programmed to individuals, and video cameras for face recognition prior to entry.


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