How to Build a Contemporary Window

How to Build a Contemporary Window

Designing a Contemporary Window for Your Space

There is a lot of work that has to be done before your contemporary window replacements can be installed in your home. Maybe you already found the brand or vendor that you like, but now you have to find the window style you want, and the contemporary window features that work best with your space. But where do you start this process? In this post you can learn more about the features and design of a contemporary window, how to build and design your own window, and the pros and cons of this building process. 

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What to Look for in a Contemporary Window

There are a couple of different window styles that can be considered contemporary windows. These include:

  • Picture or fixed windows
  • Casement windows

These are just some of the windows that could be considered contemporary, but with the right customizations you could make any window style contemporary, such as single or double hung windows, bay or bow windows, and awning windows. Contemporary windows have very distinguishing features, which can include:

  • Black exterior and interior 
  • Large panes of glass or windows in groups of two or three
  • May have grids or grilles
  • Very thin or thick frames with flat profiles
  • Matte finish instead of shiny

Finally, contemporary windows are distinguishable from more traditional windows by their prices. Contemporary windows tend to be more expensive, due to things such as their larger size or the materials that make them up, such as aluminium or wood. Every vendor is different when it comes to their prices, the contemporary windows and materials they specialize in.

How to Build a Contemporary Window

The process for designing your own window is fairly simple. The first thing you need to do is find a vendor that you like that offers contemporary windows. Next, consider the style of your home. Is your home more traditional or modern? Will contemporary windows make sense in your home? Many homes look great with this trend, but it’s always important to know your own space and preferences. 

If you’re wondering  if contemporary windows are really right for you, it might be helpful to find some photos for inspiration. Here are a few different pictures of homes that feature contemporary windows, both exterior and interior windows.


This interior features large, modern picture windows, but another way to make these windows even more contemporary is to customize them in black.


This home features a mix of black picture and casement windows, and these are a great design choice for this contemporary home because they widen up the space and the view, and they bring in a lot of natural light.


This home has a more traditional architectural style, but it still looks great with contemporary windows. The windows featured here are a mix of single hung and picture windows, and some of the windows feature grilles. This home does a great job of mixing different styles of contemporary windows without clashing too much and overwhelming the exterior, and the only thing that could make these windows even more contemporary is if they were in all black. 

As you can see from several of these different homes, contemporary windows pair well with a lot of different architectural styles, so it’s up to you to decide if contemporary windows are right for you and your home. 

After considering the architectural style of your home and if contemporary windows would pair well with that style, it is important to talk to a window retailer or detailer to get more information on pricing and installation. 

Use Tools to Design Your Perfect Window

One thing you can bring to your window consultation is a window you’ve built online using a window design tool. Most vendors offer these easy-to-use design tools on their website, which allow you to build your own window down to your exact specifications.

If we use Andersen’s website as an example, it has a window design tool under its “Ideas and Inspirations” tab at the top of the homepage. When you click on this tool, you will be taken to a page of different window styles. All you have to do is find the window you want to customize and then you’re  free to design to your heart’s content. Choose from many different colors, sizes and style options to get the perfect window for your space. 

Pros and Cons of Building a Window 

There are a few pros and cons when it comes to this process of building or designing your window, whether it’s with a vendor’s design tool or otherwise.


  • There are many vendors available that offer contemporary windows
  • Vendor’s tools are easy to use
  • The tools have many customizable options
  • You get a better idea of what you’re paying for


  • It’s hard to know which window brand is right for you
  • It’s hard to know whether contemporary windows are right for you without consulting a retailer
  • The tools don’t give you price estimates for the windows you create, you still must consult with a retailer


For the most part, the experience is more helpful than not as it leads you to better visualize your designs, even if you cannot see them in your exact space.

All in all, we have covered what to look for in a contemporary window, such as the styles, features and prices of these windows, how to build a contemporary window according to the style of your home on a vendor’s website, and the pros and cons of this design process. No matter what tools you use, it’s always a good idea to visit a window retailer to get the information you need to move forward.


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