How to Fix Blinds Between the Glass

How to Fix Blinds Between the Glass

If you’re tired of dealing with the cords and tracks on traditional window blinds you may be considering windows with built-in blinds for your window replacement project. Windows with blinds between the glass can be very convenient and safe around children and pets but they aren’t perfect. Let’s take a look at three problems homeowners commonly run into with built-in blinds— we’ll look at some easy solutions, too!

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How to Fix Blinds between the Glass

The operator doesn’t work

One of the frequently occurring glitches is when the homeowner finds that the operating mechanism↗ that raises and lowers the blinds (located outside on the frame) is malfunctioning. These operators usually operate by magnets but the magnets have to be engaged to work. If these magnets become dis-engaged they won’t properly lift and lower the blinds. This can happen by moving the operator up and down the track too quickly.


This problem can seem difficult to address but it’s actually fairly simple to fix without seeking help from a handyman. In order to make this happen, place your operator at the bottom and then slowly move it up the track↗. You might face some resistance, but continue to move it up along the track and then push it up to lock it into place. The ‘click’ sound which follows this procedure means that you’ve done it the right way. If the blinds still won’t lift, continue moving the operator up until you hear a second ‘click’ and that should do the trick.

The blinds are stuck

If your built-in blinds have been in a raised position for a long time, they may feel stuck and be difficult to lift or lower. When the blinds have moved they become stiff and need some ‘stretching’ before they get moving (kind of like us!).


When the blinds between the glass have been stuck in its uppermost position for a fairly long time, they will need to be exercised in order to relax the cord for them to function properly. To exercise the blind, make sure the blinds are tilted fully open, and then proceed to fully lower and then fully raise the blinds, do this at a moderate speed or as the operator allows. Repeat this exercise several times until it functions properly again.

There’s dust in the operator track

Although blinds between the glass seldom require dusting and cleaning, the glass itself must be kept clean to ensure easy operation. If operating your blind is taking more force than usual, then it is a symptom of a bigger problem involving the piled up dirt and dust. 


To prevent dust buildup in the operator, track regularly clean the window glass. Even small particles on the glass can work their way into the track making it difficult to operate.

Windows with built-in blinds can be a great alternative to blinds and most problems you encounter with them can be easily resolved. Unfortunately, there can be problems like dust between the glass and reduced energy-efficiency that can’t be fixed. Windows with built-in blinds vary in quality, if you’ve seen these in stores or at a friend or neighbors home ask for a recommendation before you decide to buy.


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