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Interior Window Trim Ideas & Styles

Moulding isn't something that you absolutely need to have on your windows but it can definitely be a nice decorative touch that also adds dimension to your room. 

In this post, I’m showing you some beautiful interior window trim inspiration and giving you a quick run-down on the meanings of these “trim” words.

Let’s start with the building lingo

Moulding, trim, and casing–builders and remodelers generally used these terms interchangeably so if you are doing some research or looking for some inspiration don’t let all the lingo confuse you. 

Moulding - Material used to create transitions between different surfaces, usually a decorative element; often spelled as “molding”

Trim - Trim really means to make something neat usually by cutting, it also means to decorate, it’s commonly used as a synonym for moulding

Casing - Casing is a type of moulding used to trim windows and doors; the term distinguishes it from other styles of moulding used to trim walls, floors, and ceilings

Interior Trim Options, Inspired by Pinterest

You can click each image to open the pin in Pinterest.

There are lots of options when it comes to the trim around your windows and doors. You can go with something very traditional in a white, if your home has more of a rustic feel you can do something a little more rustic, or you go bold with wide or colorful trim.

One more note before you get lost in inspiration: Window manufacturers and window dealers often treat window casing as an optional feature so when you are purchasing new or replacement windows make sure to ask if trim/casing is included in your purchase. 

Window manufacturers usually make trim as well and it's a good option if you want a trim to match the material and color or stain of your windows. Homeowners can also DIY this type of project but we prefer if you leave it up to the pros (your window technicians have lots of experience installing and building trim). 

The Classics

A Little Rustic

How Bold Can You Go?

For more inspiration check out our related content below or visit us on Pinterest.

August 08, 2019
August 08, 2022


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