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Is It Time To Replace Your Patio Door?

Windows and exterior doors are often parts of your home that you don't think about. Yes, even doors, one of the most used parts of our home. Expectations for exterior doors are simple. They open and close creating indoor-outdoor flow, they act as a protective barrier of entrance to our home, and they add curb appeal. But like other parts of the home, doors eventually need to be replaced. So how dow you know when it's time to replace your patio door? Read on to learn 8 signs that it's time to replace your patio doors. 

8 Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Patio Doors


When should patio doors be replaced? Let's review the obvious signs. 

1. You're Having Trouble Opening the Door

It may be a damaged sliding mechanism, a warped frame, or a sticky weather-worn track. You can maintain sliding patio doors in several ways, yet frequent reoccurrence of issues could signal that it's far gone and beyond repair. The same can be said for bifold doors and french patio doors. If you've dealt with door problems repeatedly it may be time for a replacement. After all, functional doors offer a safe exit in an emergency. 

2. Condensation Between the Glass

Is your patio door with panes showing signs of condensation and moisture? This could signal a problem with the seal. To save on energy costs and improve your home's insulation, consider replacement doors.

3. Water Intrusion

Ineffective perimeter seals can lead to leaking doors, high levels of moisture, and messes on your floor. This could be caused by misalignment or faulty materials. Water intrusion could also be caused by clogged weep holes↗. Like windows, some doors also have weep holes, check for weep holes and clear out any obstructions. Consider patio door replacement for excessive water or moisture intrusion.

4. Drafts or Air Infiltration Caused by Gaps Around the Perimeter

Poor installation and shifting foundations can affect the amount of air infiltration around your patio door. Doors that aren't ordered to properly fit in a rough opening will end up causing a lot of air leakage. Another cause for drafty doors is that the door's perimeter seal is damaged, replace the seal and then see if the door feels less drafty. The problem with air leakage is that it affects your home's energy efficiency. And if the leak is caused by a poor installation you could also be dealing with wood rot problems and not even know it. If you suspect a major problem then it could be a good time to replace your door. 

5. Thermal Transfer Due to Inefficient Glass

Do your glass patio doors have single pane or double pane glass? Single pane glass is outdated and bad for energy efficiency. Without efficient glass exterior temperatures will affect the temperature in your home and ultimately will impact your home's energy use and cost. Improve the barrier between your home and the outdoor temperatures with a new door that use insulated glass

6. Visible Gaps Between the Door Panel and Frame

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you probably have some experience with shifting foundations. Shifting foundations can cause your doors to become misaligned which can lead to gaps and drafts around the door. Doors that have sustained heavy or hard use may also lose energy efficiency over time and show gaps around the perimeter. In some cases, gaps can be resolved by adjusting the door, when that doesn't work it's time to replace your doors.

7. The Door Has Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic issues like scratches, chips or weather damage can make for an unattractive door. A repaint, varnish, or refinishing can sometimes redeem an ugly door. If your door frame is in good condition and you like the way it looks you could also consider just replacing the glass. Financially, cosmetic issues might not be the best reason to replace your door unless you are planning on selling your home. However, if you are ready for a change and are tired of looking at that big deep scratch or dent in your door frame then yes, it is time to replace the door.

8. The Door is Out of Style or Doesn't Make Sense for Your Home

Are your patio doors old-fashioned? Deciding to replace your patio door with trending alternatives↗ is a worthy motivation and serves to upgrade your home aesthetic and value. If you are making improvements to other parts of your home new complementary doors are also a good addition.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Sliding Glass Door? 

Costing of a new patio door depends mainly on the type and quality that you choose. Other variables that can hike up the cost include:

  • Non-standard sized doors
  • Decorative hardware options
  • The addition of sensors, insect screens, keyed and foot locks
  • Upgraded glass and grids or grilles

For example, Andersen sliding glass doors are a popular and familiar brand with various pricing options. Andersen's 100 Series Fibrex sliding doors are the cheapest Andersen sliding door, and costs start at $1,700 in the Dallas area. In contrast, their Andersen E Series sliding door costs range from $2,070 - $41,140 for standard size openings.

When shopping for a new door, consider trusted brands with high ratings. It's with this same approach that you should select an installation company. 

Can You Replace a Patio Door Without Replacing the Frame?

Generally, yes, but this option is dependent on your frame's condition. The type of patio door will also make a difference. You're more likely to recover a structure and repair damaged parts with a hinged door than with a sliding door. 

Count on Expert Advice for Your Door Needs


Speak to an expert to decide whether your patio doors are salvageable or deserve an upgrade. Saving up over time and investing in new patio doors will improve operation, energy efficiency, and weather leaks. Plus, they'll improve the value and curb appeal of your property. 

Improving your home is a worthy investment. If you're deciding when and if it's time to find a new patio door, you've come to the right place. With expert advice and service, you'll love your new door in no time.

June 02, 2022


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