Outdoor lighting inspiration for 2018

Outdoor lighting inspiration for 2018

It’s summertime! That means warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. OK, “warmer” may be an understatement here in Texas but we still love our outdoor time and we love to entertain. That means it’s probably time to reinvest in our outdoor décor, I'm looking at everyone with string lights, especially the Christmas kind! 

Now to be fair most people don’t change up their yards very often which is OK as long as the grass and bushes are trimmed and the flowers are well watered. But if you’re ready for a new look and don’t want to take on a full yard overhaul consider some new lighting.

3 outdoor lighting ideas to try in your yard

Outdoor dining lighting

Add a fun and unexpected feature to your outdoor dining area by adding a chandelier over your dining table and some pendant lights over the meal prep area. This is a fun option for covered and uncovered patios (as long as you have somewhere to hang the lights from).

Simple and elegant outdoor chandelier with votive candles.

Outdoor chandelier from Riverbend Home.

You can buy an outdoor chandelier or if you’re feeling crafty you can make one yourself. Here’s a great example from Buzzfeed using solar lights instead of light bulbs.


Highlight your favorite yard features

A great way to do this is with LED lighting. Shine the lights on features of your home or your yard that you can’t otherwise see in the dark. Here are some beautiful examples from the Landscape Lighting Guru using LED lighting to showcase water features and casting dramatic shadows.

LED lighting over pool waterfall.

LED lighting casting dramatic shadows in backyard.

Cast some dramatic shadows

Speaking of dramatic shadows, try some sculpture lights. How fun are these sculpture lights from Attraction Lights? It’s art for your yard with a little extra surprise in the dark.

Light scultures from Attraction Lights.

Sculpture lighting from Attraction Lights. 

String lights are fun, too, but maybe we should start leaving them behind with the Christmas season and try something new and sleek this year. Happy decorating!


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