ProVia Signet vs Heritage Door Review

ProVia Signet vs Heritage Door Review

How do Signet and Heritage doors compare?

ProVia makes great doors and we love recommending them to our customers but what's the difference between two fiberglass doors offered by the same manufacturer? Well, there can actually be many differences.

Manufacturers know that products are meant to offer solutions and homeowners have different needs, wants, and budgets so multiple options are provided. That being said, ProVia actually offers three fiberglass front entry door options.

In this review, we'll compare the differences between ProVia's Signet and Heritage doors. 

We’ll cover three key topics, click the links to skip ahead.

Door Styles
Which one costs more?


Signet and Heritage Finishes

Signet and Heritage series doors each are available in a variety of skins and a wide range of colors and stains. While both offer the same paint colors the processes for finishing the painted doors differ. Stains options and finishing processes for stains also differ.

Skin Options

"Skin" refers to the outer layer of the door. Many homeowners like the look of solid wood doors but don't like the cost or maintenance required, like many manufacturers, ProVia offers wood texture skins and stain finishes as an alternative. 

Signet Skin Options

Heritage Skin Options

Signet Door Stain Finishing System

ProVia uses the DuraFuse™ Stain Finishing System on Signet doors. This is a seven-part process that includes two oven-cured UV resistant clear coats that provide a deep and long-lasting finish.

1. PFusion
2. Stain Finish
3. UV Resistant Clear Coat
4. Oven-Cured
5. Hand-Sanded
6. UV Resistant Clear Coat
7. Oven-Cured

Heritage Door Stain Finishing System

Heritage doors are stained using a five-step process that includes hand-applying the stain to the woodgrain-textured door. Hand-applying the stain gives the craftsman the ability to bring out more color variations in the door. 

1. Base Coat (Prime Paint)
2. Oven-Cured
3. Stain Finish
4. UV Resistant Clear Coat
5. Oven-Cured

Signet Paint Finishing System

The DuraFuse system is also used for paint finishes but it only has five steps.

1. P3 Fusion
2. Base Coat (Prime Paint)
3. Oven-Cured
4. Finish Coat
5. Oven-Cured

Heritage Paint Finishing System

1. A40 Hot-dipped Galvannealed
2. Base Coat (Primed Paint)
3. Oven-Cured
4. Finish Coat
5. Oven-Cured

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Structurally, all of ProVia's doors have a few key components in common. 

The door frames and brickmold all have FrameSaver bottoms. The FrameSaver is a finger-jointed composite that, unlike regular frames, doesn't absorb water. Resistance to water also means the bottom of the door frame won't rot or warp. 

To reduce energy loss the interior of the door slabs feature a polyurethane core and weatherstripping around the door interlocks with the CornerShield™ that creates a tight seal.

Additionally, all of the doors include heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges, a 20-gauge security plate, adjustable strike plate, bulb and blade sweep, and a Sahara™ extruded threshold.

Construction Differences


  • Customize both sides of the door
  • Custom widths and custom heights available
  • Stiles and rails are dovetailed and glued for a solid integrated frame
  • 4-1/4" finger-jointed, 4-ply hardwood strike stile


  • 1-7/8" finger-jointed, 2-ply solid oak laminated stiles
  • Variable depth woodgrain texture with hand-applied stain
  • Lock area is reinforced to provide a solid mounting surface for hardware

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Door Styles

ProVia offers dozens of door slab styles and with all the finishes, hardware, and glass options you'll be able to create a door that is perfectly unique for your home.

There are limitations on availability but if you want to build out a door, ProVia has a really cool design tool(↗) to help you visualize your door (works best on Firefox or Safari). You can also talk to a ProVia door dealer or check out ProVia's website(↗) for specifications.

This is just a small example of some of the slab styles available in each series but both also offer a few options for sidelites and 8' height doors and sidelites.

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Which door costs more?

ProVia's Signet door is generally more expensive than ProVia's Heritage door and that makes a lot of sense considering that it has more customization options and has a slightly more complex construction process.

Customization and installation costs will increase the cost of each individual door. 

Which do we like?

That's hard to answer, we're definitely fans of ProVia doors and that's why we like to offer them to our clients. In regard to security and energy efficiency, both doors perform well but the Signet is designed robust stiles and rails making it structurally superior to most fiberglass doors.

Which one you should choose depends on how much you are interested in spending or your design preferences. 

Which is more popular?

Among our customers, the most popular ProVia door choice between the Signet and the Heritage is the Signet series door. 

To learn more about either of these products you can visit ProVia online(↗) or check out our ProVia Doors digital catalog.

If you live in North Texas and are interested in purchasing a ProVia door for your home give us a call at 817-860-9767 or submit this form to have one of our representatives contact you to schedule a free consultation.


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