Replacement Patio Door Prices: Gliding and French Patio Doors

Replacement Patio Door Prices: Gliding and French Patio Doors

As with any major project, money is almost always an issue to the normal family when it comes to undertaking any renovation, even for just a patio door. With that in mind, Brennan Enterprises brings you this weekend blog on patio door prices to give you some insight on what you might want to expect. For further questions, please contact us at 877-925-7920. Regardless of the type of patio door you want, single glider or French doors, there's a wide range of prices for patio doors based on size, quality, and features.

Gliding or Sliding Patio Doors

patio-doors4At basic level, the least expensive sliding patio doors will be made of vinyl or aluminum, much like how replacement windows are cheaper when made from vinyl or aluminum. This is, of course, because the material to make them is overall less expensive, but still once you include installation and hardware costs, you can easily be looking at investing $1200 to $2500 when buying from stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. These are the basic door necessities, without additional add ons or any fancy glass or something of that sort. Some things to keep in mind with the less expensive gliding patio door options are the lower quality look and feel, the expansion and contraction from the summer heat, and the tendency to stop working properly after a few years. We have seen countless vinyl or aluminum patio doors sticking in their track instead of opening and closing smoothly, causing much frustration for the homeowners. From an efficiency and hygienic standpoint, the rails in vinyl doors also tend to get pretty dusty and dirty and are hard to keep clean. So while it's a cheaper upfront option, as a longer-term investment it might not really be worth it to skimp in the beginning.

For a quick fix and sell kind of situation though, it wouldn't be terrible for such a job, but when you're looking to renovate the home you plan to live in forever, it's best to invest in a higher quality door from brands such as Jeld-Wen, Pella, or Andersen. These doors have much better insulation properties, look gorgeous, and will operate smoothly not just for a couple years, but for as long as you are going to be in the house. Like all higher quality items though, the price of course increases, and such a door can easily go anywhere from $2500 to $5000.

French Patio Doors

andersen-a-series-frenchwood-hinged-outswing-patio-doorsUnfortunately, French patio doors are generally a bit more expensive than gliding patio doors. These hinged patio doors have a more traditional, classic look, as opposed to the sleek contemporary appearance of the sliding doors. At the basic level, for a pair of French patio doors from a department store, you'll be looking at a starting price range of $1500 to $2000. Again, though, if you're meaning to make these doors a more permanent investment for your home, some higher quality doors would be a better long-term investment. The higher quality doors that will continue to be beautiful and function properly for many years will generally cost around $4500 to $6500. These include brands like Jeld-Wen, Pella, Andersen, and a few other higher-end manufacturers, and they are designed to be a permanent solution for homeowners who love their home and want to enjoy it for many years.

If you see prices for patio doors that are significantly lower than these listed prices on shelves of stores, be very cautious. Often times, these low prices don't include installation or hardware, which are usually then available as upgrades that can dramatically increase the price. Additionally, some stores consider essential items like energy efficient glass packages, and warranty to be upgrades, meaning that low shelf price was only to hook you into thinking you were getting a better deal when ultimately you'll probably be paying more for the necessary "upgrades". Also, replacing or installing patio doors is an extremely complicated process with a lot of opportunity for error but little room for it. It's highly beneficial as an investment to hire a professional replacement door installer such as Brennan Windows or any other qualified professional door installers.

Please note that prices are not meant to be a guarantee but rather as a reference. For further questions about replacement patio doors, gliding or French, please contact us at 877-925-7920 or click the button below to fill out a form and we'll contact you. We provide free, in-home estimates for both windows and doors, so don't hesitate to call and ask us to swing by for a free quote. Brennan Windows is a BBB A+ rated professional home exterior remodeling company that has been servicing North Texas for over 30 years.


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