Sierra Pacific Awards

Sierra Pacific Awards

Sierra Pacific Windows are a household name west of the Rockies and they're making themselves known across the country. In fact, Sierra Pacific products are installed in 30 countries around the world. It's Sierra Pacific's uncompromising commitment to quality that is making it a world-class company.  


Below is a list of awards Sierra Pacific Windows has received in recognition of design and business success:

Bronze Brand Builder Award from Hanley Wood

Gold Brand Builder Award from Hanley Wood

Crystal Achievement Award for Innovation for the H3 Window Series



Patents cover the intellectual property of people and companies. Sierra Pacific's award-winning H3 windows are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. To learn more about Sierra Pacific's patents contact Sierra Pacific Windows at 530-527-9620.

H3® Double Hung, H3 Sliding Window, H3 Casement and H3 Awning:
United Sates Patents: 8,561,365; 10,077,598; 10,337,233 and other Patents Pending
Canadian Patents: 2,665,853; and other Patents Pending


Sierra Pacific Industries is a family-owned forest products company. You can trace this company's rich history back three family generations, in fact, it’s founder, Archie Aldis “Red” Emmerson, was born in Oregon, to family in the timber business. In 1949, Red and his father leased a sawmill together and in the years that followed, they acquired more land and lumber interests until Sierra Pacific Industries was incorporated in 1969. Today, Red's sons run the business.


Unlike so many other companies, Sierra Pacific actually owns the land from which they harvest timber for their windows. For this company, sustainability is especially important. Smart forest management and timber harvesting will triple the amount of wood growing on Sierra Pacific's land over the next 100 years. Sierra Pacific also partners with Professional Foresters and Wildlife Biologists to protect the wildlife habitat, watercourses, and plant life on its land. 

  • Create Energy
    Sierra Pacific uses bark and other remaining fiber as boiler fuel, its seven cogeneration facilities produce more than enough power to operate our mills. The balance is sold to CA utility companies to help local communities and reduce the nation's dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Use Everything
    Sierra Pacific uses the fiber remaining from one operation as raw material for another. Shavings become animal bedding; bark becomes landscape material or boiler fuel for dry kilns and electricity generation.

The Products



Timber Curtain Wall↗

H3® is Fusion Technology™ Windows

At the core of Sierra Pacific's advanced H3® is Fusion Technology™, the perfect integration of extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood. Its patent pending design and construction give it an industry-leading seal against the elements. It's also extremely durable and easy to install.

See H3 Windows at Brennan.



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