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The Best Door Hardware Brands

With all the door brands on the market, finding the right style can seem a bit overwhelming. Door brands vary tremendously in design, hardware, and style - some specializing in contemporary luxury, while others focus more on historical design for a nostalgic touch. Whatever the preference might be, here’s a list of top door brands by make, model and material style to help select the perfect door brand for your home.

Emtek Door Hardware

Emtek - the cabinet and door hardware↗ juggernaut based in Los Angeles - majors in eight essential categories of door hardware ranging from contemporary style to art nouveau. Represented in the United States, Latin America, and Canada as a part of the Swedish manufacturer Assa Abloy, the company carries tubular locks, interior door knobs and levers, key locking hardware sets, hinges, deadbolts, dutch door bolts, and Mortise entry door hardware↗ - all for residential use and perfect for combining with any size or shape door.

Emtek Styles

Emtek comes in a satisfying display of American, modern, and farmhouse styles including Contemporary, American classic, American designer, Crystal and Porcelain, Arts and Crafts, Rustic Living, Tuscan, and Art Nouveau. But while each component part has its own style category, Emtek lets users select a product by Function (door hinges, locks, deadbolts), Finish (brass, bronze, nickel), or Style in the designs above.

Door Hardware Selections

All of Emtek's offerings↗ can be grouped under Contemporary, American Heritage, and Rustic Living - a feature that makes shopping for hardware online a much simpler and easier process. 

Emtek also offers hardware options in polished, satin, and unlacquered brass, French antique style, nickel, bronze, steel, copper, chrome, and brushed and polished stainless steel. One of the best descriptors of Emtek is a huge online warehouse of fine and high-quality door and window hardware ready for the taking.

Mix and Match

Emtek's appeal is for its ability to bring clients' personal styles to life. The company lets users mix and match their favorite themes listed above instead of using predetermined style combinations so they can build the hardware shopping list that perfectly matches their style. Overall, it's a great blend of both luxury and a huge selection of options.

Baldwin Door Hardware

Next comes Baldwin↗, the Steinway of door hardware brands - featuring impeccably luxury finishes that can only be described as flawless. Baldwin's pieces each make a statement in their own right, and Baldwin has enough products and door hardware to outfit a mansion if need be (and did in their "100 Doors Project" showcase↗ astonishing results). 

Baldwin Styles

Baldwin's makes and models come in three distinct and regal categories. The Estate has custom-made doors and hardware that looks like it's been manufactured for a grand hotel. The Reserve features artistic and easy-access style doors, and the Prestige Series has sleek, luxury doors with a high curb appeal. All of these are beyond luxury and offer a level of splendor and grandeur not seen in a typical hardware brand. Their YouTube channel↗ has a style breakdown video that shows all their hardware on camera for viewers to see.

Best Hardware

Baldwin's absolutely stunning multipoint design options are a one of a kind - entrance handles, pre-configured knob and lever sets, levers, touchscreen entry, knobs, roses, keyed entry, deadbolts, and RIM locks come in beautiful varnished options of gold, silver, pewter, and bronze, with a luxury keypad lock system that is the perfect option for securely-locked home.

Yale Smart Door Locking Hardware

Yale, unlike other door brands, boasts almost exclusively in one area - door locks. They offer smart home locks and storage systems with Wifi-connections that allow users to access or log in to their smart delivery storage through their Yale Access app or Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Customers can remotely connect to Yale straight from their smartphone, and even unlock their door remotely with a Yale Keypad. 

For more options or to browse some of their specs and features, take a look at their lock compatibility page↗ or their products page↗ keypad and connected solutions.


Rejuvenation hardware is divided into ten main collections, each with its own unique classification.

The Coleman Collection features crystal, chrome, and porcelain-style doorknob settings for an immaculate, clean look, beautiful as an antique set that fits best with porcelain-laced lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and gold and glass end tables. 

The Putman Collection is an honest, classic collection of styles from traditional to modern complete with beveled handles and graceful curves. 

The Tate Collection, featured in the above photo, glows with pristine brass-plated settings and crystal knobs, and matching levers.

The Benson Collection is industrial revolution-style doorknobs from the late 19th century to the 1940s, these being included in the Rejuvenation series is a major selling point.

Customers can feel free to browse the rest of their hardware↗ in Jerico Collection, Tumalo Collection, Trask, Richman, Bowman, Rigdom and Mid-Century Collections for more catalog-ready options for their home. 

Viaggio Door Hardware

Viaggio specializes in its textures - the Motivo features organic textures and a smooth finish for "maximum visual intrigue", according to their website. The hardware dealer has three main offerings including interior sets, entry sets, and deadbolts in the Circolo, Quadrato, and Motivo Collections. Each collection has its own unique shape. Circolo sits on circular bases, while quadrato has knobs on a small, square base, and Motivo with both, with unique textured settings.

Online shopping on Viaggio is quite straightforward - their interior sets are listed as-is, in no particular style, and can be filtered in browsing mode by color, knob style, and rosette texture or shape. Check out their interior sets↗, entry sets, and deadbolts online for a look at the complete collection.

Nostalgic Warehouse Door Hardware

Nostalgic Warehouse, because that’s exactly what they specialize in. They offer knobs and levers, deadbolts, and entry handle sets in five complementary finishes, each a beautiful replica of century-old door fixtures. Clients searching for “antique handles” or vintage door knobs should look no further than this retailer, although Nostalgic Warehouse manufacturers them brand new.

Browse their door knobs and levers in brass crystal, and porcelain, or look at their collection of entry handlesets↗ to see more.

Schoolhouse Door Hardware

Schoolhouse↗ is a great all-in-one place to shop for door hardware, and its easy-to-use website is appealing for its cart-friendly design. They carry large or small backplates, deadbolts, entrance handsets, door hinges, accessories, and more, filtered by price, product, color, and size. Their offerings come in black, brass, bronze, and satin nickel and range up to $500, and styles are simple and fluid, easy to install, and have a charming next-door look in any interior or exterior home.

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July 19, 2022


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