The Best Online Interior Design Services

The Best Online Interior Design Services

Interior design, once regarded as an as-seen-on-TV luxury, has become a surprisingly affordable way for homeowners to freshen up a home and bring life to their interior space - thanks to the magic of internet design teams. Using a professional design guide with top-notch 3D renderings is an excellent way to ensure a room is as beautiful as it can be. Here are the top 5 consistently ranked best interior design services to make your room and home shine.

Budget-friendly online interior designer



Price: $79 - $129 

Timeline: 2 business days for initial designs, 1-2 weeks for the “Mini” package and 2-3 weeks for the “Full” package

“Imagine if you could hire someone to scour your Pinterest boards and translate your pins into a perfectly decorated room in your home.” That’s the website banner for Havenly, an online interior design firm summed up as effortlessly chic. One of the most affordable on the internet, Havenly has a look and feel incredibly similar to Pinterest, and each room comes with its own set of hand-picked ideas to help users prepare their designer home. 

After taking a personalized style quiz, the Havenly design process comes in three phases - Ideas Delivery, Concept and Final Delivery. Upon completing the quiz, the website outfits the client with a custom-picked designer based on the options they selected, which the client can switch out for another one if they prefer. The design website also differs from the competition in that it offers an official “Happiness Guarantee”, giving each client multiple revisions until the product is perfect. Both versions come with access to multiple brands along with an ordering team that’s available to purchase whatever you need - from authentic mid-century modern to industrial.

To get a feel for their design aesthetic, start off their home offices and small spaces boards and try not to spend a few hours browsing online.

Best 3D renderings



Price range: $159 - $499

Timeline: 2 weeks 

Modsy is famously known for its photorealistic 3D design visuals that are as good as having a personal concept board in hand. All Modsy asks is for the client to take photos of their room so the designer can get started on the concept designs. Modsy’s designers supply two fully-rendered rooms, but clients can continue editing the design by swapping out pieces from Modsy’s digital design catalog. Their three-dimensional design catalog is virtually unlimited, giving clients access to decor from hundreds of vendors. Modsy also performs price-matching - a huge bonus to help save money during the buying process.

Modsy has three packages - $159 for the Premium package, $299 for the Multi-Room, and the Luxe package at $499. Each comes with unlimited design revisions and exact designs of the room in 3D, while the Luxe package adds special room discounts and video calls with the designer. Modsy designers are on-hand to answer any questions the user might have through the design process and provide one of the best well-known services online - check out their pricing options here. Although Modsy doesn’t cover baths, kitchens, or offer track or custom lighting options, their impressive design proposals, 3D room renderings and ability to make unlimited changes on the design make it a top hit among online design teams.

Complete with luxury finishes


Price range: $299 - $1299

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Specializing in designer items from brands like Lulu and Georgia, Decorist specializes in name-brand designers who come with decorated portfolios. Decorist is surprisingly easy to start and features a quick three-step process of selecting a room, choosing a design package, and proceeding to checkout. Decorist also has a flexible timeline, letting customers decide whether they want a room ASAP or need to extend their end date. They offer three packages: the “Classic” at $299 per room utilizes “rising star” designers that have extensive profiles, the “Elite” plan at $599 per room, which includes a regionally famous designer for more signature styles, and the “Celebrity” at $1,299, which connects clients to popular and sought-after designers in print and social media for a one-of-a-kind makeover.

Each Decorist package includes a floor plan, online shopping list, and a complimentary purchasing service, with one difference: the Celebrity offers mood boards instead of concept designs, replacing color swatches and item ideas for a collage board that conveys the feel and the atmosphere of a room (for more info on the difference between mood boards and concepts, read more here).

Overall, Decorist is a stylish and professional way to instantly connect with some of the most renowned designers, both locally and nationally at a reasonable cost. Their Style Quiz, while not a requirement for signing up, is a great way to get started on finding a personal room aesthetic.

Working for you


Price range: $649 - $849

Timeline: 3-5 weeks

Ranked on CNN as “the gold standard” among interior design services, Decorilla offers a comprehensive consultation service with one-on-one consultations and constant design team communication - a lot like a real, in-house HGTV design team. Starting with a comprehensive questionnaire, Decorilla instantly works to gather concepts at a pace that beats almost any online design team. They work closely with the client through chat and instant messenger, submitting concepts and receiving instant feedback to create a floor plan, color palette, and shopping list, which features access to a curated guide of items at 10%-25% discounts from coveted stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. 

Decorilla has 3 plans based on the experience of the designer. The Bronze package at $549 with 2 experienced designers, silver at $649 with 2 greatly experienced designers, and gold at $849 featuring two leading industry designers, depending on the expertise the client feels is required for the room.

Decorilla may take a little longer than most online design outlets, but the real-world access through instant messenger, sophisticated design plans and access to substantial discounts from designer spots is worth the wait. If you want to get a feel of if Decorilla is right for you, browse their interior design ideas here.

Free online design

Serena & Lilly

Price: Free

Timeline: Client-based

Serena & Lily is a beautiful, airy and lightweight alternative to people hoping to create a setting that is exactly that. Their designers are real experts in bedding and also stand out as being one of the few that cover bathroom design. The service is also completely free. Like Pottery Barn and other outlets, they rely on the assumption that the client will purchase items either from their website or subsidiaries. 

The service works virtually the same as a paid design team. Serena & Lily offers swatches, room plans, and mood boards, communicating with the client via phone, text or video chat from start to finish to deliver a concept that can be used to re-create the client’s living space.

Start by heading over to their Design Advice section online consultation, or browse their bedroom and bath catalog for beautiful interior design items and arrangements.

Working with a designer for custom and hand-picked designs guarantees a room outfitted with the best possible results. With the client’s budget, timeline, and room design taken into consideration, the right design team takes the guesswork out of interior decorating and hands the client a comprehensive designer overview of what to expect.

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