Top Replacement Windows with Constant Force Balance

Top Replacement Windows with Constant Force Balance

Balance systems make it easy to open and close vertically hung windows. They’ve been around for hundreds of years but only as recently as the early 1940s did new variations begin to gain popularity. After World War II window manufacturers began using spiral balances followed by block and tackle balances in the 1980s. 

Constant force balances are recognized as “the fastest growing balance platform in the window industry,” according to balance manufacturer Caldwell↗. Find a list of the top replacement windows with constant force balances below.

Top Replacement Windows with Constant Force Balances

While constant force window balances can be used with any type of window materials we see them most in vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows with Constant Force Balances

Brennan Traditions Vinyl Windows

Brennan Signature Single-Hung Windows

Brennan Traditions Double-Hung Windows

Brennan Traditions Single-Hung Windows

Brennan Solar Bear Single-Hung Vinyl Windows

NT Presidential Series Windows - Single- and Double- Hung

Milgard Tuscany Double-Hung Vinyl Windows

Are constant force balances the best?

Our team is a big fan of constant force window balances. They have many advantages over other types of balances that makes us consider them the best available in today’s market. 

Constant force window balances use a tape measure-like coil spring design with very low friction. The design of the coil balance makes opening and closing windows smooth, easy, and quiet. Unlike window balances with traditional springs, constant force coil balances don’t require tensioning adjustments or lubrication and they’re resistant to rust. Its simple design means fewer moving parts and the smart design means parts are less likely to break, bend, or lose tension overtime. 

You can learn more about constant force balances in our post Constant Force Window Balances Explained.


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